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Lakewood, Colorado | May 11 2008
Brian took as much time as we needed to thoroughly explain how and why we were using the techniques for training. Both dogs appeared to be responding well to the training. It was very interesting and a lot of information. I was more worn out than the dogs! We are encouraged by the initial results and looking forward to working with Brian more and learning additional training techniques. Permalink
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Reno | May 09 2008
It was very helpful to understand the dog mentality, it really brought everything together. It is so nice to be able to calmly control Lola's barking. Before, we would get so frustrated and had no clue what to do. Permalink
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Malvern | May 09 2008
Bark Busters offers a realistic way to train your dog: commands are easy to use. The approach suits both the dog and the owner; written materials are excellent and compliment the training experience. I am relaxed after Jeri's visit and so is my dog. Permalink
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North Coventry | May 09 2008
It has only been two days (since our initial lesson with Jeri), but my husband and I are already seeing great results. Jeri is a wonderful trainer and a pleasure to work with! Permalink
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Clermont | May 09 2008
Jim explained the training techniques in a clear and interesting way. We were very pleased with all the information we received and we saw great results on the first visit. Jim answered all of our questions and went above and beyond in assisting us. It was a great experience and we learned a lot and really enjoyed the training. Thank you, Jim! Permalink
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Denver | May 08 2008
Bark Busters was worth every penny. Even my husband agrees, and he is a HUGE anti-spendthrift. So happy with Robin and the program. The noticeable change ABSOLUTELY was apparent after the first lesson, and after two weeks, it was like having a different dog. By explaining how dogs think first, it made training techniques easier to follow through with. I have told all of our friends about our dog's success. Training was addressed thoroughly but not tedious. Permalink
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Plymouth | May 08 2008
I was surprised how simple the training techniques were. At the end of the first lesson, I was much more relaxed about having my puppy & my toddler in the same room together. It is more relaxing to train with these techniques rather than yelling NO constantly! Maril made the training interesting and fun. :-) Permalink
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Oak Forest | May 06 2008
It's been about a week and Dreyfus is like a new pup. Vicky taught us how to train him. He no longer jumps up on people, no longer counter surfs and doesn't chew on everything like a termite! He still has a few more things to learn but I see remarkable progress everyday!! Vicky is an angel. If you are having problems with your pup, please contact Bark Busters. You will shocked at the change in your dog; no more bad behavior and it is easy to do. No shock collars, no yelling or smacking. Just vocalizations. Your pup will be happy because you are happy!! Permalink
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Staten Island | May 05 2008
Mr. Machi has enthusiastically participated in the Elias Bernstein Intermediate School 7 Career Day for the last three years. He has given up his time to speak with the students, providing invaluable knowledge about his career as a dog trainer for Bark Busters. He is among the favorites at our school, and both staff and students alike look forward to his presentation each and every time. Based on his interactions and patience with adolescents and adults asking many questions about their dogs, I can see how truly wonderful he is when working with dogs. Permalink
Beaverton | May 04 2008
We have three Bully Breed rescues who came from pretty bad conditions. We called Bark Busters for several issues. ~ In one session, we no longer have front door issues, walking them is a joy (unless we encounter other dogs--we're still working HARD on that one), and they are more balanced and content than they've ever been. So are WE!! ~ It requires constant work, and there is a lot of homework to do, but it's TOTALLY worth it for them and for us--I would HIGHLY recommend Lisa and Al Holzer (and Oscar--what a trooper he is!) to anyone--and I do! Permalink