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Clermont | October 12 2007
Jim explained the training techniques very clearly and was personable. We saw noticeable results by the end of the session and were very pleased with both the methods and the results. We will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to friends, neighbors and folks we encounter at the Animal Shelter where we do volunteer work. Permalink
Clermont | October 12 2007
I was pleased by the natural training techniques and saw noticeable results at the first session. Jim explained the techniques clearly and I found the training to be informative and interesting. I will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to others. Permalink
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Springfield | October 11 2007
Very simple to institute the techniques because they are very redundant. Permalink
Centennial | October 11 2007
Becky is extremely patient which was very helpful to me as we were working with a dog who was very new to our family and we didn't know him well yet. It was absolutely amazing! We have had 100% success and it is a thrill and a blessing to see undesirable behaviors change in a few hours! The completely natural method of learning pack behavior and establishing leadership is liberating for the owners and comforting to the dogs. We think Odin was probably abused and this method is very effective for him. The experience was very interesting and enjoyable. We had lots of laughs and we learned a lot. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone. You don't have to wait for lesson 12 of week 5 to learn how to correct particular behaviors. In our case, standard classes with another service would not have worked because we needed to correct specific behavior immediately. Also, the methods are SO EFFECTIVE and the immediate change in behavior is a relief and in some cases necessary for the dog's safety. We can take Odin to the dog park now, off lead, and don't need to worry. He comes every time! Permalink
Farmington Hills, MI | October 11 2007
Neffie was a shy guy who lacked confidence but with the help of Maril, our amazing bark buster trainer, we have been able to make him feel happy, safe, and comfortable in the world with us as his leaders! It helps to know that if we have a setback we can contact Bark Busters and they will guide us with new (or old) techniques for us to lead him back toward a confident, happy life. Permalink
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Delmar | October 11 2007
Rachel took time to explain and show us how to correct problems. She made it enjoyable and we were able to apply the techniques. She did more in a day then we have in a year. Rachel is very special. Permalink
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Schenectady | October 11 2007
Rachel gave/taught techniques specific for our dog and environment. This helped us the most. We saw a noticeable result even within the first half hour. I would suggest her to anyone! Thank you! Permalink
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Slingerlands | October 11 2007
Rachel was so nice and calming. Permalink
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Rockwall | October 11 2007
[The training techniques were] very easy to understand. All the instructions were logical and seems like would be successful if followed. Permalink
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Grand Rapids | October 10 2007
Our dog, Paladin, was very responsive to the training. It was everything we had hoped for. Permalink