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Clearwater, FL | November 29 2005
We are very pleased with how quickly the training techniques began working. Vito has been very professional & helpful. Permalink
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Tom & Amy M Spring, Texas | November 26 2005
Holey Moley, what a noticeable change! I didn't expect to see such a change! Great experience! Permalink
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Boynton Beach, FL | November 15 2005
Susan, our trainer, has done wonders with Zoe. I was at my wit's end with her behavior, but she is a totally different dog and getting better all the time. Thanks, Bark Busters! Permalink
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Richard & Wanda M The Woodands, Texas | November 14 2005
By the end of the training session we had a different dog. the Bark Buster technique is very easy to learn and administer with immediate results. I will recommend Bark Busters to anyone who wants a well behaved dog. Thanks, Bob !!!! Permalink
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Justin T Katy, Texas | November 12 2005
Amazing change within 5 minutes, effective and easy !! Permalink
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FL | November 07 2005
I was almost at the end of my rope with my wire haired fox terrier puppy. She nipped, growled at me, and was in general the most aggressive puppy I've ever had. During the first visit from Susan, I began to realize that my puppy's behavior was totally my fault with the way I was raising her. We have now had two visits from Susan and she is a very different puppy. I don't know what I would have done without her. Permalink
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Largo, FL | November 01 2005
We have tried so many things to handle Vegas' aggression towards visitors and are so happy that something finally works. It is such a great training method and we truly appreciate Vito's help. He was great to work with. Permalink
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Indian Rocks, FL | October 22 2005
Vito is fantastic. He's a great listeners. He identified my dog's problems without making us feel inadequate. He did an excellant jot at explaining our dog, Brut's, behavior and the solutions. My husband and I are satisfied with the service provided. We look forward to the continued lifetime relationship. Permalink
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Lansing, MI | October 08 2005
It was unbelievable! I feel like I might actually be able to live a normal life now. We had been told several times we would have to consider euthanizing Cooper. We had tried everything from the "treat system" to spraying vinegar...[now] we are training our dogs in a way that not only makes sense but works! This was the best time & money we have ever spent! We can have our house & life back AND we can keep the dogs. I cannot even begin to express how happy and thankful I am! It made me so happy to see Cooper transform from a scared, anxious dog to one that is happy and more relaxed in a manner of hours. I only wish that every dog owner could exerience this program. Permalink
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Pomona, NY | October 05 2005
My therapist was very professional. Quick, humane training that makes sense and works. Permalink