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Beavercreek | September 13 2007
We saw results right away. Permalink
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McMinnville | September 13 2007
Thanks for teaching us how to be the pack leader! Permalink
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St. Paul | September 13 2007
It seems natural and makes sense. Permalink
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Newberg | September 13 2007
I was pleasantly surprised that the responsiveness of my male dog was so quickly forthcoming. This was a pleasant experience and Dick was a very personable trainer. I'm eager to start practicing with my dogs! Permalink
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Hillsboro | September 13 2007
Dick was excellent at ensuring that we knew all of the key points. He was very patient and thorough. Clearly, we had regained control of our pets and most importantly, our lives. I don't know how we lived without this most basic knowledge on owning, training and loving our pets. Permalink
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Louisville | September 12 2007
Doug has a wonderful manner with people and dogs. Amazing results! Permalink
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St. Petersburg | September 12 2007
Amazed at how quickly it worked. Vito was extremely helpful and professional. Permalink
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Hatboro | September 11 2007
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Berrien Springs | September 11 2007
Very Pleased! These techniques are super successful - we have outside dogs and before the lesson was over we could get them to sit and be quiet. Sheri explains things so you get it the first time, she's easy to talk to and has a great personality. Training was fun and convenient. Permalink
Aurora | September 11 2007
Becky explained and demonstrated the proper techniques. And offered suggestions for us to implement the techniques appropriately and better. We saw immediate results with Emee & Bo. And we've continued to see daily improvements and changes. Although Emee has some fear based behaviors, Bark Busters techniques challenged Emee. But, there is no physical manhandling. I was amazed at the immediate results. Permalink