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Palatine | July 09 2007
The training was great & my dog responded very well -- Rick was great! Permalink
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Schaumburg | July 09 2007
It's amazing how well they interpret dogs! Permalink
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Algonquin | July 09 2007
Did I observe noticeable results by the end of the training? Absolutely! Permalink
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Carol Pitzer, President | July 09 2007
Kathy is one of the best trainers in St. Louis. Her method is gentle and successful. Permalink
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Taylor | July 08 2007
Maril was great about answering our many questions as they popped up. Within 24 hrs we could see a difference. Within 2 weeks our "aggression problem" had improved greatly. I wish I would have heard of you before I wasted money on previous training. Your program is wonderful! Permalink
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Grosse Pointe Farms | July 08 2007
Dylan's a different dog. Permalink
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Dearborn | July 08 2007
Maril gave what she promised. Not complex or difficult to understand. The dogs now understand what we expect of them. Permalink
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Claymont | July 08 2007
My husband and I would like to thank John for the informative training he provided to us for Mandy, Miranda and Molly. We have struggled through a barking problem for three years with Mandy (Yorkie) being the biggest problem and Miranda (Yorkie) and more recently we acquired Molly (Shih Tzu)who is 8 months old and beginning to pick up on their bad habits. My dogs became non-barkers the same day John was here. We and the neighbors are in shock because we could never be on the porch or deck at the same time and we can now do both without a peep out of them and we live on an active street. We can now have company and be allowed to have a conversation without be constantly whined at and asking to be picked up. They also learned to walk on a leash, go up and down steps and Molly no longer terrorizes Miranda. What a miracle! We love Bark Busters! Our home is so quiet now. We don't realize we have dogs anymore. It takes attention and follow thru but they now know the rules of the house and who is in charge. I would highly recommend Bark Buster to anyone that wants assistance with their dogs. The best thing is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee and I can call anytime for assistance. Thanks again, John and Bark Busters. Permalink
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East Greenbush | July 08 2007
Rachel was great. She is well suited for dog training. We noticed marked improvement. It was something the entire family was able to comprehend. Rachel kept our attention. I have already recommended Rachel to several people. Permalink
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Roslindale | July 07 2007
It makes a great deal of sense! I wish I had met Jason sooner. Permalink