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Acworth, GA | February 09 2005
It totally amazed me. Jake was very aggressive at the door, and when Jake and I were shown what to do he responded in minutes. I never thought he could be trained. Permalink
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Mableton, GA | February 09 2005
The training was easy and effective. We were surprised that our dog responded so quickly to the methods. After 2 hours we literally had a different dog. Permalink
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Atlanta, GA | February 09 2005
Tom was awesome - he had solutions to all my problems with my dog. Permalink
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Smyrna, GA | February 09 2005
[Tom] is the fourth dog trainer I have hired. The first to have any results with my dog. Permalink
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Tampa, FL | February 07 2005
Jeff and Cathy are great and it was a lot of fun to work with them! Permalink
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Mansfield, OH | February 07 2005
Amazing! The dogs were responding by the end of Bob's visit. The improvement continues daily. Remarkably we haven't even done re-call yet & they are coming in when called from the outside. Permalink
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German Village, OH | February 07 2005
I am very pleased with the training that I received from Bob. Even after the first day I saw a huge improvement in Darcy. Bob explained the Bark Busters system well and made me understand why Darcy acted the way he did. Permalink
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Hilliard, OH | February 07 2005
We are so happy with how Max has been responding to the training. The evening of our 1st session he was a totally different dog! After 6 months of having new furniture, I, finally, spent a night stretched out on the couch with out having to share with the dog! Permalink
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Grandview, OH | February 07 2005
This is a wonderful training program! I am so happy with my dogs and how well they are responding to this program. Thank you so much. Permalink
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Reynoldsburg, OH | February 07 2005
After the second visit, the turnaround was AMAZING. Lars is responding so well! Bob was great! He is patient, knowledgeable and has a great sence of humor, we would recommend him to anyone. Permalink