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Dallas, TX | November 02 2006
Rebecca really made it easy for me to understand! I needed training in the worst way! I can't believe it... Bosley is doing great -- noticeable change after a few hours. We had so much fun! Permalink
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Erin M Kingwood, Texas | October 31 2006
Bob takes his time and makes sure everything is correct. The results are immediate, In fact, in one session I gained control that months of effort with other methods could not produce. I always thought that dogs responded best to treats. With Bailey's weight struggles, it is so nice to be able to offer him non-food rewards. I was amazed with the transformation!!!! Bob has visited us twice just recently, over two years after is first visit. It is so nice knowing that should I need him, he's there. Thanks so much, Bob!!!!!! Permalink
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Grand Rapids | October 29 2006
I was surprised at how quickly Cody listened. He is a very stubborn dog. I actually looked forward to playing ball with him at the end of the "first" lesson. Permalink
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Middletown, CT | October 26 2006
I did not feel that I was harming or being mean to my dog--a problem with other methods. The price was reasonable, the methods seem natural and not at all cruel. This is the first training Eeva has ever responded to. Permalink
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East Hartford, CT | October 25 2006
Jane was perfectly clear and used a technique that worked perfectly for Molly's passive and timid personality. I like that there is no bribery and nothing physical. I would recommend Bark Busters because there was a noticable difference in my dog after just one session. I am happy I gave Bark Busters a chance. I honestly thought nothing would work and that working with Molly was impossible! Permalink
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Middletown | October 24 2006
On outstanding professional presentation. Permalink
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Manchester | October 24 2006
Jane is very professional, yet friendly and personable. She assured me that the problem(s) were fixable. I enjoyed the experience very much. Worth every cent-I now have and love a very manageable dog-she and I are both less stressed. She knows her place!!!! Permalink
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Josh M The Woodlands, Texas | October 23 2006
The method is very easy to understand and follow. The immediate results were HUGE !! I am so pleased !! Didn't believe dog training could be so enjoyable, but it is. Permalink
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Palm Harbor, FL | October 18 2006
It is nice to have a quiet house with no barking and growling. Getting them on an eating schedule is good for them also. They are doing well with all the training. What a difference! I am really happy with the results. Permalink
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Tampa, FL | October 17 2006
Both dog and owner will be much happier. Cathy and Jeff were professional and demonstrated a true dedication to their job. We look forward to working with them again. Permalink