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Tampa | December 16 2007
Hi Jeff and Cathy, After our Christmas party last night, I thought of both of you. Our boxers, Max and Conrad, were on such good behavior! With around 20 people in the house, they did not jump on anyone! Max is almost 4 years old, still acts like a puppy. Most of the people enjoyed the dogs, and both boys could sense that they were 'loved.' They actually listened to guests, I was so proud!! Permalink
Denver | December 15 2007
I couldn't believe the change! I was amazed! Bark Busters is excellent! Permalink
Madison | December 15 2007
Absolutely amazing! The barking has reduced to almost nothing in just one week, and they're having less accidents on the floor, too. We would recommend Bark Busters because it works! It's phenomenal! All we have to do is "Bah" and they stop what they're doing and come over to us. It's truly amazing! We're very happy with the training. Thank you so much!! Permalink
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Bloomingdale | December 14 2007
Jayda showed results after the first session, and she had had 3 previous trainings that never worked with other companies. Permalink
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Orlando | December 14 2007
Jim explained the techniques clearly and the experience was interesting and enjoyable. We saw immediate results with our dog and were happy with the natural training techniques. We have already recommended Jim and Bark Busters to several neighbors. Permalink
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Brooklyn | December 13 2007
Robert and I know each other for three years now. I first met him when he came to my very first Adoption Event. His easy-going nature and calm demeanor made him someone who was a pleasure and an asset to have in a situation that was a bit chaotic, to say the least. Robert has attended over 25 adoption events with me in the past three years. He has gone above and beyond to make certain that the right dog goes to the right home! With Robert's help, we have made close to 500 dog adoptions happen. He is generous with his time and his knowledge. I am so blessed to have his support and know that many of the dogs adopted at my events have gone on to benefit from Robert's expertise and have grown into wonderful, well-behaved family members - rather than being returned to the shelter for not having "manners"... Bark Busters should be really proud of Robert because he is truly an asset to their organization! Permalink
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Wilbraham | December 12 2007
It was amazing. She really seems "to get it" I was very impressed. It wasn't rigid like some other methods. It had a calming effect on her. Permalink
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New York | December 12 2007
I adopted a loving adult dog who pulled on his leash and barked constantly. Robert was a tremendous help, and I learned how to change my own behavior in order to help the dog. Eventually, the dog had to change homes, as he was aggressive with our cats, and Robert was very compassionate as we made this decision. Permalink
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Kalamazoo | December 11 2007
Thanks for coming out today. Tramp has not barked at Katie and they took turns drinking from the same bowl! That's a huge change as you know. Your company's moniker "Bark Busters" is richly deserved and literally true. Permalink
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Coopersville | December 11 2007
Thank you, Sheri! I didn't know my dog would respond without treats. I have seen great results with our dog Tanner; I definitely recommend Bark Busters. Permalink