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Temperence, MI | November 13 2006
Couldn't have asked for a better training. I know what to do for all situations we need to address. I noticed results immediately!!! I love that we're showing Muffin (Poodle, 8 months) that we are the pack leader, not her- she responded so quickly! The training experience was fun! I am still amazed at how Muffin picked right up with the training! I have already recommended Bark Busters!! I tell everyone!! Permalink
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Cornwall, NY | November 10 2006
Michelle was very good, patient. I highly recommend this program to everyone! Michelle is great! Permalink
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So. Pasadena, FL | November 08 2006
We are very pleased with the results we are getting with our dog after the training session and couldn't believe how fast the dog responded. The trainer was very professional. Permalink
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Bartlett, IL | November 06 2006
Brad was very calm. Explained everything clearly. Did a Great job. Permalink
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Palatine, IL | November 06 2006
It looks like this training system really works. Permalink
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Largo, FL | November 03 2006
Vito was excellent. He understood our issues and tailored each dog's needs to specific training techniques. I have already told many people about it. Permalink
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Largo, FL | November 02 2006
After just 2 sessions, my 4-year-old Doberman rescue was the picture of the perfect dog. Previously, walking the 80-lb. dog was a miserable chore as she lugged me around the block chasing squirrels. Now, she walks next to me attentively with a completeley loose leash. "Thank you, Bark Busters." Permalink
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Dallas, TX | November 02 2006
Rebecca really made it easy for me to understand! I needed training in the worst way! I can't believe it... Bosley is doing great -- noticeable change after a few hours. We had so much fun! Permalink
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Erin M Kingwood, Texas | October 31 2006
Bob takes his time and makes sure everything is correct. The results are immediate, In fact, in one session I gained control that months of effort with other methods could not produce. I always thought that dogs responded best to treats. With Bailey's weight struggles, it is so nice to be able to offer him non-food rewards. I was amazed with the transformation!!!! Bob has visited us twice just recently, over two years after is first visit. It is so nice knowing that should I need him, he's there. Thanks so much, Bob!!!!!! Permalink
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Grand Rapids | October 29 2006
I was surprised at how quickly Cody listened. He is a very stubborn dog. I actually looked forward to playing ball with him at the end of the "first" lesson. Permalink