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Kendra R
Kendra R Miami, Florida | February 06 2019
Luis came to our house and spend 3 hours with us and our puppy. He was AMAZING, extremely knowledgeable and helped not only our puppy, but taught us how to handle her behavior. Definitely, the best dog trainer in Miami. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Pulling, Puppy management
Trainer note from Luis : Thank you so much Kendra for giving me the opportunity to help you with Jenna’s education. She’s such a wonderful, full of life little girl and I’m confident that by following my instructions she will be much happier and responsive. I really enjoyed helping you and your family. Thank you!
Donna G
Donna G Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, Florida | February 06 2019
Marc was amazing with my dog! My pup Leo and I moved to Florida from NYC and we were both experiencing "moving anxiety". We had worked with Barkbusters in NYC and I knew it was the way to go! He spent no less than two hours dealing with all our (and I say OUR as of course it's up to me to make it work!!) issues. By the end of our session, Leo was definitely compliant and I was reminded of all the reasons BBusters is the best home dog training there is (shout out to Sarah in NYC too). Marc left me with a complete write-up on all the things I have to do to make sure Leo behaves - and this way I can't say I don't have the tools to make it work! I LOVE BARKBUSTERS. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Separation anxiety, Toileting
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Karen D Dallas,, Texas | February 06 2019
Jim and Dee are amazing! Great communication and professionalism. When Jim entered our home we knew immediately Callie was going to be a very different puppy after Jim left. We were not disappointed. The techniques he used were very easy for us to follow. Thank you very much for helping us train our forever puppy. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Jumping up, Puppy management, Sibling rivalry
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Cathy P Longwood, Florida | February 06 2019
Very informative and helpful with going through the drills. Very kind and felt comfortable asking all questions. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Pulling, Separation anxiety
Pat S
Pat S Naples, Florida | February 06 2019
Thank you Colin for meeting with us. We both enjoyed our session and learned a lot. We look forward to continuing our training with you. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Digging, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management
Trainer note from John and Elizabeth : This lovely female 6-month old Bouvier des Flandres puppy has been an absolute pleasure to train, and her Owners have been excellent at following through on all the advice issued at her Foundation Lesson for our Gold Program (Guarantee of Lifetime Support).
Stephanie D
Stephanie D Charleston, South Carolina | February 06 2019
Even nervous dogs can learn!! Opie is my first dog, and I had no idea where to start when it came to training him. He's a rescue and was extremely skittish around the other dogs in my neighborhood. He's come such a long way in just a few months. James was great in showing me how to handle Opie in a way that is firm, but still kind and respectful. He's learning everyday how to better behave, so much so that he's even made a handful of other doggie friends! The best ode to their training method, however, is how well he did over the Christmas holiday with my family. He's learning that play biting/mouthing is not appropriate, and my mom now feels comfortable petting, sitting, and playing with him. That's big, as she would previously throw him a treat from afar and hope that he would be gentle. I think there is always room for improvement/reinforcement, but I'm glad that I spent the money to get the tools needed to help Opie feel more comfortable. Beyond happy with the progress and extremely impressed at James responsiveness. He's always available to help! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Jumping up, Other, Puppy management
Karen F
Karen F Brooklyn, Kings, New York | February 05 2019
Rob was recommended to us by our vet. Within minutes of Rob being with us our high energy puppy was more manageable. Rob checked in on us in a week and gave us more guidance. A few weeks later we needed more help as we were not consistent enough with doing the drills given to us. An "sos" text to Rob and he was at our door. It was amazing. In mere minutes Benji learned he was not the pack leader and we have a better handle on this high spirited puppy. It's reassuring to know Rob is only a call or text away. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management
Trainer note from Robert : Always there for you :)
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tom B Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota | February 05 2019
Lynne was just awesome!! We have a 6 mo old bully that is 65 lbs.he constantly nips at our feet,and jumps up on family,and anyone that comes into the house. My family was in total amazement working with Boris,she transformed him into a loving pup that listens to commands, and in just 3 hours!!!! We all took turns working with Boris,and even went outside with him.we continue to work with Boris everyday for short periods.I love Boris, so much,and with Lynne's guidance, we are on our way to having a well trained, smart,l oving, caring member of our family. the best money we ever spent!!!!!!!!! Thanks again Lynne, you are awesome!!! Tom Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Jumping up, Puppy management
Barbara M
Barbara M Orlando, Florida | February 05 2019
In this session, I was amazed at what she accomplished so far. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety
Kathleen W
Kathleen W Debary, Florida | February 05 2019
The trainer accomplished all the goals that we had listed on a paper. He quickly taught us and the dog how to respond to a variety of commands.We learned a lot that will enable us to implement the commands on a daily basis, He is an excellent trainer that has a great personality! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Pulling
Trainer note from John : Max loved learning and is a quick study