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Jay D Odenton, Maryland | July 15 2016
We hired Sharon when Winston was a puppy and she did a wonderful job teaching us "dog language". We used her techniques throughout the year. She worked with our schedule to make it convenient when she came to our house to train. But the awesome part was that when our training was over and I called her 6-months later for advice, she met me and helped me with our current issue with Winston. She was so willing to help and I am grateful. She is very dedicated to what she does and I would recommend her to anyone!! Permalink
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Anne T Boulder, Colorado | July 14 2016
Andrea was amazing. After our second training session, I really felt like I could be a leader for my dog. Andrea is great at making dog owners build confidence in their dog training abilities. My dog has become so much better with other dogs (even though we still have a lot of work left to do!) and we can even get him to heel on most walks! The training methods seem to be working very well for us. We are seeing more and more successes everyday as we work with our dog using the training methods Andrea taught us! The training equipment provided have become life savers. Overall, working with Andrea has been a wonderful and well-worth it experience. It's hard to believe we have had so much improvement with only two sessions! Wish we found Andrea sooner! Permalink
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Sima K Newtown square, Pennsylvania | July 14 2016
As first time dog owners we were overwhelmed and didn't know where to start with training our very energetic puppy. Donald is very knowledgable and it certainly helps that our puppy, Emma, really likes him (and responds to him). Donald is a great communicator and always checks in on us and our progress with Emma. Slowly but surely we can see the sweet dog that she's going to grow up to be! Permalink
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Amy C Reno, Nevada | July 14 2016
This program was amazing. After the first lesson I saw immediate improvement in my dog's behavior, not just on the issues we had worked on, but in everything. I had been struggling with my dog's generally pushy behavior in the house, but also her aggression towards other dogs. Walking the dog had become a major source of stress for me. I had to be hypervigilant to keep her out of situations where she would attack other dogs. But after one lesson with Katherine, Delta's behavior improved dramatically. The things Katherine taught me were SO SIMPLE, but so very effective. Now that I know how to be a pack leader and communicate my leadership to my dog, life is much calmer and I can actually enjoy my dog and my walks again. Because this method doesn't involve using treats to modify behavior it was so easy to incorporate training into my everyday activities. I didn't have to get get a pile of treats ready and then spend dedicated time training the dog. I just used my communication techniques whenever I went through a door, walked down the stairs, answered the door... I am just thrilled that we did this. It was worth every penny and more. Permalink
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SUSAN S FREDERICK, Maryland | July 12 2016
Maxine has a wonderful, calm way about her. Levi responded immediately to her training techniques but still lacked calmness when visitors come. Maxine came back and worked with us as needed until he and I finally got it! I whole-heartedly recommend Maxine and Bark Busters. No clicker to carry or lose, no gadgets or treats, just praise and positive reinforcement! And you always have those with you! It was an awesome experience! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Hyperactivity, Separation anxiety
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Lois B Stem, North Carolina | July 12 2016
Molly's response to commands was better right away. With the natural training techniques it was less stressful for me and Molly. Loved the training experience, Sonja has a great personality for this type of work and she is very patient and knowledgeable. I already have recommended Bark Busters to friends. This training is an important part of my relationship with my dog Molly. Permalink
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Jana and Landon R Zebulon, North Carolina | July 12 2016
Sonja was highly informative, very professional and extremely patient concerning the training of our five Miniature Pinschers. The natural techniques are working very well and we look forward to our sext session. Permalink
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Trainer note from Sonja : Jana is a natural in applying our training techniques. When I first arrived, all five dogs were barking excessively, jumping around my feet and wouldn't calm down unless held. Upon my return I was totally speechless, all five dogs were quiet and patiently sitting by the steps so I could walk in and not trip over or step on them. Jana has done a remarkable job with them and for the first time in a long time she shared with me that she was actually able to take a nap....
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Kathy G Youngsville, North Carolina | July 12 2016
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to follow the instructions and how effective it was on our puppy. We saw an immediate improvement by the end of the first training session. Permalink
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Beverly T Henderson, North Carolina | July 12 2016
Koda has now made friends with Sonja and she is able to touch him. Sonja has lots of information, took her time to listen and respond. Very helpful and caring. Sonja is calm and with Koda showing aggression towards her in the beginning, she has continued to help us. Permalink
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Charlotte C Raleigh, North Carolina | July 12 2016
Barney was responding better to verbal commands and praise. I was pleased that it was praise training without treats. I learned simple and effective training tools. Definitely would recommend Bark Busters and Sonja! Permalink
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