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Ben & Donna P San Antonio, Texas | December 15 2015
My husband and I are very pleased already with the difference this first session has made in our dogs! Their behavior is improving, as we have applied the training when needed. We are very grateful to be shown these helpful tools to communicate in a more effective and even loving way with our dogs. Permalink
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Christine C San Antonio, Texas | December 15 2015
The training I received from Phyllis has been life changing. She taught me to be a pack leader which in turn allowed our dog to be a dog. She is not on high alert anymore, sleeps like a dog should and no more dominating our evenings. The tools/training have been a total blessing & worth far more than any price. So incredibly thankful for BB!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Hyperactivity, Other, Pulling
Lori F
Lori F Seattle, Washington | December 14 2015
Great lesson for the family! We are learning together how to be better dog owners. Permalink
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Susan T Easton, Connecticut | December 14 2015
Our experience with Mike Konstantaras is one that can only be described as outstanding!! We have a 1 year old American bulldog that is 100 pounds & still growing. He has been controlling our house, our lives & has made it impossible to have guests over without everyone feeling nervous! I'll admit that I was skeptical of what Mike told me he could accomplish in his 1st training with Archie, especially because we have been through 3 trainers & a lot of money with little to no results! Mike was in our home for under 2 hours & he changed our lives with giving us techniques that truly fixed all of the issues that had us under Archie's reign! We now have our loving puppy under our control creating a much happier dog & happier household! Mike was patient, calm & extremely knowledgeable. I can't express enough my sincere gratitude & total amazement at what Mike did for our family!! Thank you Mike, for giving us the dog we always knew he could be! You are a miracle worker!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up
Nancy N
Nancy N North Palm beach, Florida | December 13 2015
My dog Weezie had a barking problem, particularly towards my roommate, who is also my sister. I was at my wit's end, and my sister ( who has a golden retriever, Maddie) and I were close to "breaking up". Weezie is a chihuahua and dachshund) who had lived most of her life in a crate with 83 other dogs. I rescued her 4 years ago. Mary Johnson rescued me from Weezie's control, and her barking was controlled after ONE visit! We were astounded! Plus Mary gave my sister some training tips for Maddie. I highly recommend Mary and BarkBusters. The training she gave us has completely changed the dynamic of our dog/person relationships. Permalink
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Alicia F Chicago, Illinois | December 13 2015
We were losing our minds trying to train our 1 year old Shepherd Mix, Stanley. We had trained him through private and group treat based training and felt that although he was learning the desired tasks initially, once transferred over into the house and long-term, he would not cooperate without treats. It was evident that Stanley did not respect us, specifically my husband, and we needed help. After our first training session, we saw immediate results. As we continue to train Stanley at home, we love the fact that we can call Marlene, Howard, or Brandon for any help and are not pin-holed to complete our training in a set number of weeks or sessions. Although Stanley still has a lot of growing up to do and more training, we are truly happy with choosing Chicago Bark Busters for our training. We just wish we would have known about them before any other training we had signed up for. Thank you Marlene, Howard, and Brandon. We will be calling soon to setup a follow-up training session! Permalink
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Jessica L Las Vegas, Nevada | December 12 2015
Christine Hanley was friendly and helpful towards Milo and myself. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Pulling, Separation anxiety
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Tia & James K Las Vegas, Nevada | December 12 2015
Training is going great!! We have noticed a huge improvement after just one week, especially with Falcor. Our dogs have responded very well with the training and tips that our trainer, Christine Hanley, have given us. We will maintain our daily training regimen and we are so thankful for Bark Busters! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety
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Tasha & Cody L Las Vegas, Nevada | December 12 2015
The training was very easy to pick up on and our dogs are responding very well. We couldn't be happier with Christine and all of the tools she gave us to eventually have a happy family. Permalink
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Pat N Henderson, Nevada | December 12 2015
Christine was very professional and extremely professional. Our puppy Nelly, the primary dog that needed training, has really changed since we began training. She is a different dog. We all learned so much and feel it was worth the money we paid. We'll definitely recommend Christine's services. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Pulling