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Donna S Charlottesville, Virginia | August 31 2015
My 8 mth old rescue Maltese was a handful with an attitude. He still has the attitude but less of a handful. He is terrified of other dogs and sometimes barks and jumps towards people. I live in a senior apartment complex and somehow he knows when there is someone here that doesn't live here. Allison came to my home and very quietly and calmly worked with Jojo and me. When she left Jojo was an entirely different dog. He's calmer and listens. He sits at the door and allows me to walk out first and stays until I release him. He is much better around people but still very alert if someone new comes around. He is still fearful of other dogs but only because I haven't done the socialization as Allison asked me to do. I tend to be a stay at home senior. I do take him around the building where he is with people and he has greatly improved. I'm still working with his fear of other dogs and hope one day he will get over it. Being a rescue it's hard to tell what may have happened to him before he came to me. I love him anyway and we are best friends. Thank you Allison for your guidance! I would highly recommend you. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Pulling
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Sylvia B Sugar Land, Texas | August 31 2015
Training by Pat was very understandable & effective. I would recommend Bark Busters to everyone. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall, Sibling rivalry
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Seth L San Diego, California | August 30 2015
7/30/15 Jan is a fantastic trainer. Our 8 year old hunting breed dog has never walked well on a leash, has anxiety issues around other dogs, and was a generally a handful. On top of that she was having trouble adjusting to a new city and apartment life. We have a smaller mutt, who has his own issues, but is nothing compared to hers. Jan has helped us turn a huge corner. After 7 months of working, trial and error (our dog is stubborn and too smart for her own good) and an education for me and my wife, our dog has started walking on a loose leash. She's calmer, listens to us and seems happier. The change is awesome and I am amazed that it happened. Jan's sessions are perfect. She's calm, pleasant, and easy to understand. Our dogs immediately responded to her and are all wags when they see her. If you do your homework, you will see results, and I am confident that we will overcome the remaining issues with our dogs. Seth L. Sabre Springs Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety, Sibling rivalry
Melody P
Melody P Upper Marlboro, Maryland | August 30 2015
We rescued an adult very large male black German turns out he barks & lunges at strangers either on his leash or in the house. We had a family reunion coming up and I needed a few tools in my tool box. I have trained dogs & horses my whole life but my dogs were all brought up from puppies and I have never had to rehabilitate one with difficult behavior. I was very apprehensive about having him in the house with my large family. I had Sharon come out just one day before our reunion started and she was amazing! She was very gentle and kind. Her body language with Neiko was perfect. He did not feel threatened. She gave us exactly what we needed for safe, stress free introductions. I felt relaxed and able to enjoy my family time. It turned out he was able to mingle with the family for short periods of time. This would not have happened without her help. Sharon is our dog whisperer! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression
Joseph M
Joseph M Aurora, Colorado | August 30 2015
Becky did an amazing job. Could see results in the first session. Looking forward to working on the results. Would highly recommend! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Recall
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Susan K Cape Coral, Florida | August 29 2015
Patrick was great and worked out the barking at the door in one visit. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Toileting
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Laurie G Naples, Florida | August 29 2015
Fenway was responsive and receptive to the excellent techniques employed. Very excited to be using these. Exceptional program equipped with positive training techniques and tools. Very comprehensive. Looking forward to additional training with June and Colin. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Toileting
Trainer note from Colin and June : Gold program for this lovely 4-month old puppy, who now enjoys our unique Guarantee of Lifetime Support, as opposed to just the basic training offered by the client's vet office part-time trainer.
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Gary P Wilmette, Illinois | August 29 2015
We have a 5 year old Schnauzer/Poodle mix that had developed some serious barking and aggression problems. Howard and Marlene Marks used the Bark Busters training techniques to resolve the issues with our dog. We saw immediate behavior changes within a week. After several months, her behavior is much improved. The training has made an ENORMOUS difference! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Recall
Trainer note from Howard & Marlene : Della is such a good dog! She has come along way in a very short time.
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Donna and Jim G Naples, Florida | August 29 2015
No stress on me or the dog! :-) Corky behaved quite well. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Colin and June : Silver program for this delightful terrier mix living in a luxury RV. On our first follow-up visit just one week later, Corky was just a model student!
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Jim L Naples, Florida | August 29 2015
June and Colin were awesome! By the time they left, my pug Winston was well-behaved and lovely. Turns out I was the one who needed the training! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Toileting
Trainer note from Colin and June : Single Lesson only.