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Tally O
Tally O Paw Paw, Michigan | August 29 2017
Having only one interaction with Pam so far, we have to say that we are very impressed with the BARK BUSTERS program! We have a 4 year old former breeder dog, Lucy, and she has only been with us two weeks now. Pam assessed the situation right away and recognized that Lucy is extremely timid and that she will definitely need time to bond with me. Pam has given us concrete steps to work on with Lucy. Having used name brand Pet stores obedience training classes in the past with other dogs, I feel that BARK BUSTERS is setting us up for success right from the start! Pam seems very dedicated to making the training work, and we couldn't ask for anything more!! We also really like that the BARK BUSTERS contract is for one year of services, so if issues develop a couple of months from now, we have Pam to help us deal with them. Permalink
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Jonathan M Tallahassee, Florida | August 29 2017
Leigh Ann was great with both our dogs even though they have very different needs based on their temperament & background. Jerry Lee is a fast learner and doesn't like water so it only took a few times for him to stay away from the front door when the bell was rung. I found the techniques very easy to pick up especially if you're attentive to your dog and know/can tell when they/re about to go into a hyper state of mind. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Other, Recall, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Leigh Ann : Jerry Lee and Peggy Sue both learned very quickly! They're owners were very caring and great to work with.
John & Chris H
John & Chris H Port St Lucie, Florida | August 29 2017
Karen arrived on time and did a great presentation and Chico started to improve immediately. Permalink
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Russell C Ocala, Florida | August 28 2017
We have a 3 yr old ShihTzu, and brought a 9 week old Rottie home in November 2016. Our home was out of sync for 9 months. The dogs could not be anywhere near each other. The ShihTzu would never leave the couch while the Rottie was out of his crate. We were at wits end... and started arguing in the house about the Rottie. Laura was a shot in the dark... a leap of faith... and a MIRACLE! After a 2 hour visit our dogs were actually able to both be on the floor without chasing or fighting. My wife and I are still amazed everyday when we watch these 2 starting to build a relationship. Laura identified the problem within 5 min from walking in our door. Simply amazing. I had to force myself to stop texting her THANK YOU, and sending pics of my boys. Life is so much better now. Thanks Laura! Permalink
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Amy L
Amy L Vero Beach, Florida | August 28 2017
Marc is very knowledgeable and he amazed Mike and I! He was very thorough and pleasant to work with. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
Cosette C
Cosette C Jensen Beach, Florida | August 28 2017
I knew I believed in Harley, just didn't know how to show her that am her "Pack Leader". This is my 1st step teaching Harley to become a Canine Good Citizen. Now I am confident in our relationship. Permalink
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Vicki C
Vicki C Riverview, Florida | August 27 2017
We called Bark Busters after we added two new rescue pups to our family. We already had Fruitkake, a rescued Chihuahua/Min Pin mix, who is now 13 years old. We added an American Bulldog, Ferrigno, and an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog mix, Favola. Our Ferrigno, was a particular challenge, because he is mostly deaf (he can hear VERY loud noises or high pitches in his left ear) and has vision problems. His sensitive skin did not permit the use of a vibrating collar and although he was doing well learning signs for basic commands, we could not always get his attention. Both Ferrigno and Favola had poor manners overall and were digging up the yard whilst playing. Joanne was able to show us how simple it was to correct their bad manners and behaviors! We were amazed at the improvements - just after one session - and the techniques employed were so simple! Now we are very proud of our pups and can enjoy a much calmer life with them. . . . and Ferrigno? Well, we can take him anywhere! With the training tools Joanne showed us, we can now recall him with a whistle, but its not usually necessary because he constantly watches us for clues and signals - even at the dog park, he stays close to us and 'checks' to see if we are trying to get his attention. We highly recommend Bark Busters and can honestly say the training techniques employed work miracles! Permalink
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Caitlin S
Caitlin S Devon, Pennsylvania | August 26 2017
I really enjoyed my training sessions with Donald. He helped me learn a lot of new strategies to help with my dogs fear of other dogs and her aggression because of that. He has provided us with useful tools to help Rosie keep going forward and continue to help her improve. Donald was patient and showed me continuously how to correctly train my dog. I enjoyed working with Donald as he was kind and knowledgable. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking
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Becki W Glen Burnie, Maryland | August 26 2017
I can't say enough good things about Bark Busters and Dave Simon! In ONE visit, I saw a dramatic positive change in my dog's behavior! Before working with Dave, my dog was trying to drag me around on walks, and was aggressive towards large dogs, as well as men. After working with Dave, my dog walks next to me, and listens to me! After Dave, my dog doesn't growl, snarl and bark at large dogs or men, and some men have even been able to pet him! Dave was easy to work with, has a great sense of humor and his methods totally work, plus my dog absolutely LOVES him. Permalink
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Bob C Palatine, Illinois | August 25 2017
I wanted to express how happy my wife and I are with the training our dog, Harry has received from Brad Howe. Our dog was a rescue we took in back in January being just around a year old. Brad has helped us to understand how we need to handle our dog, demonstrating what we need to do, when and most importantly why. Harry is an 80 plus pound lab mix with lots of energy and we are able to control him inside our home and outside. He has been great with our grand kids and house guest. Brad has been very helpful and supportive any time we needed him. Brad checks in with us all the time, seeing how we are progressing with him. We really appreciate everything Brad has done our new family member Harry, and cant be happier that we signed a lifetime relationship with Brad. Thank you Brad! Harry and Family Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall