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David S
David S COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado | March 15 2018
Our Dog's (Riley) primary issues were charging the door when the door bell rang, and fence fighting with the neighbor dogs. After the first lesson, all this stopped. We had some minor corrections to make after that day but these behavior issues were basically solved. All corrections were either sound based, or collar based and very humane and effective. On our second meeting, Riley was a bit afraid of Ryan, but Ryan adapted a more coaching style to put him at ease. Within about 10 minutes he was better, especially when we went outside. We worked on refinement of walking, and recall. It was the best training session we've ever had with Riley. We've been to two different dog trainers and courses in the past. This did provide some great foundations for his training. However, we got amazing, personalized training right in our house with Ryan.. with immediate results. As you would expect, much of the training is pack leader training (for us) and consistency. Ryan did a great job of pointing out small changes that have great impact. We have an even better, happier dog now. Thanks Ryan. Permalink
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Kellie S San Diego, California | March 15 2018
I am very thankful to have found Justin. He has been a tremendous help in teaching me to understand my dog's behavior and their way of being. After trying out a couple of dog trainers, different methods, advice such as use a prong, shock training, positive enforcement training and the whole woo-ha of different ideas and dog philosophy. I finally was left with frustration because none of the previous training or tips worked! my dogs behavior of the constant barking, pulling of leash - being a reactive dog on leash for that matter and just being a little too protective of me everywhere I took him. I caved and threw my hands in the air, searched online for "the best dog trainer in San Diego" and found Justin! I called, made the appointment because at this point I was desperate and could not go another year feeling anxious and nervous just to take my dog out to pee around the block. So frustrating! The day of our appointment, Justin showed me what he had to offer and it literally turned my dog into a submissive, well behaved dog I have been wanting for SUCH a long time in the first day of training him. Seriously, Justin is a LIFE SAVER! I tossed my prong I used to walk my dog out the window and now I enjoy and look forward to walks with my dog. Even more so, I love taking him to the dog parks now because he listens to ME. When you're that person who must drag your dog out from the dog park because he's ignoring and running from you. Days to visit the dog parks can be irritating. All I have to say is, if your sitting there reading every review like I did, look no further... just pick up the phone and make the appointment! He's worth it. Permalink
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Eileen A Tallahassee, Florida | March 15 2018
Loved Leigh Ann's gentle, loving approach - Clancy responded so well - seemed to sense she was there to help. Would highly recommend Bark Busters to anyone who asks - or doesn't! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking
Sara V
Sara V Las Vegas, Nevada | March 15 2018
This is exactly what my family needed. My husband and I raised two very spoiled dogs. They do honestly whatever it is they want, and we have no control over them. After working with Derek for only a few hours we learned it's training for us as their owners just as much as training for them. We just started our journey with Bark busters but I am absolutely amazed on how much could get done in 1 night. I can't wait to see how far we can get with our dogs and all the amazing things they will overcome. Thank you Derek. Permalink
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Erika B
Erika B Pasadena, Maryland | March 14 2018
Dave has been wonderful! We got Gumbo as a puppy- 8wks he is a chihuahua and my 6 year old son wanted another one after we lost ours 2 years prior. Gumbo was very protective of myself and my son. I would have to hold Gumbo or put in another room when my sons friends would come to play- gumbo would bark like crazy and go after the kids. He had bit several people and we were at our witts end. Within the first training I saw a dramatic change in Gumbo. After 2wks of working with , he's a completely different dog! He is friendly now and obedient! We could not be happier! Thank you so much! Permalink
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Allie E Denver, Colorado | March 14 2018
The Training from Scott at Bark Busters is what has allowed us to be able to keep our 2 years old Golden Retriever/ Bouvier des Flounders mix. We just recently had a baby and when we brought the baby home our dog Sadie was very nervous and was growling at her and her bassinette. Scott helped us help Sadie calm down so that we can all live together in the same house peacefully. He also said he would be there to continue to help us as the baby and Sadie continue to get older. Scott has also helped us help Sadie walk beautifully on a leash, not bark at people walking by outside, and not attack the door when visitors come over. Sadie still struggles with stranger danger but Scott has already given us some ideas of how to deal with that too! Bark Busters has helped us a lot! Permalink
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Catherine W Indian River County, Florida | March 14 2018
This program and the trainers where everything we hoped for and more. Marc and Karen Deppe, absolutly fabulous with us ( humans) and the dogs (plus 3 grandkids we had over at the time). The training was more for us than the dogs. The next day after the training, we had visitors come over and the truth was to be told. With what we learned and now implemented, amazement set in to watch the transformation of ( pre-train) jumping "wild" dogs, to (post-train) calm, obedient, happy dogs. We had four people enter into our home without the stress of out of control dogs and the anxiety of an "incident" occuring. We are on day 4 (pre-training) and we are still excited about the program. We have 2 German Shephers and a Pit bull, so just imagine. Thank you Marc and Karen Deppe for all your patience with us ( humans), I know we were the toughest ones to train. Permalink
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Joan S
Joan S Ocala, Florida | March 13 2018
I can't even think of enough good things to say about Laura! She told me HOW a dog thinks compared to a human. It made so much sense!! She assured me that we could change Ankah's behavior AND mine.... which basically WAS the problem! I am her much needed pack leader now. She sits, stays, heels, all basic things I never taught her. She looks up at me for guidance when we are on walks now. She is not out in front of me on the leash anymore, I am. I had trouble with her aggressively trying to protect me on walks, that I got to the point I didn't want to walk her where there would be people, dogs, golf carts going by. In Laura's FIRST visit she took Ankah OUT of her leader position and put me there. I literally couldn't believe how my dog was acting and that she allowed Laura to be in control IN my house almost immediately. I can tell you that you will be thrilled at the results if you choose Laura Victory at Bark Busters. You won't find a better trainer, who truly knows how your dog thinks. Thank you Laura..... Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
Janet & John S
Janet & John S Lake Worth, Florida | March 13 2018
The training was very through and very knowledgeable, Marc was excellent. I feel it was very worth the time and money. Thank You Bark Busters! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
Milena J
Milena J West Palm Beach, Florida | March 13 2018
We are very impressed and enthusiastic about the results! Permalink
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