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Caroline H West Des Moines, Iowa | September 26 2014
We are so impressed with Debra and the methods she's taught us. Our 3 year old Border Collie mix was barking wildly at the doorbell and dogs passing by as well as jumping on guests, among other annoying behaviors. He would bark and jump up on guests even after they were in the house and generally make a nuisance of himself. After Deb's first visit I noticed an immediate difference in Georgie--he was calmer and quieter. After employing her techniques for just two days we had 40 people over at our house and I couldn't believe the difference in him. I needed to correct him at times, of course, but he was calm and quiet during the party. Guests commented on his good behavior. Despite having a misbehaving dog, I'm actually no stranger to dog training. I've been through classes and read about training techniques, but Deb was able to pull it all together for me and offer me clear direction on what to do and when. The methods she teaches are actually extremely workable for a busy family with kids. I don't have to have treats in my pocket at all times to get my dog's attention! I love that I can email Deb whenever I have a question about the training techniques I'm using, and she helps me get it right. I'm so pleased with the results I'm getting so far, it's very motivating for me to continue working with my dog to improve his behavior even more. Permalink
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Stephanie M Portage, Michigan | September 25 2014
The training techniques were clean and demonstrated well. Roonie was pretty cooperative, however towards the end of the session she was tired and started to look as if "you want me to do what?" I was very pleased with the natural training techniques used. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable; it helped a lot for me especially, hearing, seeing then doing. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. This training style is more effective for the dog. Pam was very calm and non-critical when I accidently used a cue from past trainers. I realize how important it is to forget past methods and use only this new style. Practice and time will help. For me personally it would have been not as overwhelming to have 2 or 3 sessions, my brain was on major overload. I'm glad I can have reference guides or make a phone call. Permalink
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Trainer note from Pam : I know it is a lot of information to take in on the first lesson to cover the foundation of dog behavior. Dogs tire too after using their brains to think about what it is you want of them. I look forward to our next scheduled lesson to take it one step at a time.
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Tami K Battle Creek, Michigan | September 25 2014
Pam explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand and I appreciated discussion format instead of a "lecture." I noticed results by the end of the training, the natural training techniques worked when nothing else has worked. All three of us have a long way to go but I notice I already have more control. Permalink
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Lorraine & Stuart D Manhattan, New York | September 25 2014
We have worked with another trainer and after about 5 meetings we saw no real results. We met Sarah for the first time today and from the very first she recognized our dog's needs and immediately started working with us and him. We are finally feeling very positive that our sweet puppy will finally get over his behavior problems. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Sarah. Permalink
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Dawn E Cape Coral, Florida | September 24 2014
Training techniques and methods are easy to understand. I saw results within 45 minutes of Patrick showing up at my door. The training session is absolutely amazing and money well spent. There are NO HARMFUL methods used. There is nothing like having your dog look into your eyes and respect the boundaries you have set for them. I recommend Bark Busters to everybody who has a dog or knows someone who does. Unbelievable results in such a short period of time. It is rewarding! My dog listens and respects me now. Before Bark Busters my dog walked me. After Bark Busters I walk my dog"¦ it is so relaxing! Permalink
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Melissa V
Melissa V Joliet, Illinois | September 24 2014
It really is more of train the trainer than train the dog. John's advice made complete sense and will be easy to implement every day on my own. Within an hour, my dog Huck learned to consistently sit, stay and come on command. The training was all about positive reinforcement rather than intimidation or domination. It was definitely effective in commanding my dog's attention and respect without scaring him. It was great to have a trainer come right to my house to work with my dog in his own environment. I think Huck and I both learned a lot and enjoyed the experience. I would recommend Bark Busters for anyone who is looking for a one on one dog training experience to address your dog's unique needs. Permalink
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Jamie L Galesburg, Michigan | September 24 2014
We felt so comfortable with Pam. She was kind and knowledgable. Cooper is a part of our family and Pam really understood that. She was truly there to help all of us. Gave us wonderful lessons and things to work on for the next couple weeks, until her next visit. Cooper was very responsive to her too! The best part was when she hid behind our couch! :) Loved it! I am excited to see the changes in Cooper as we all progress. Permalink
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Trainer note from Pam : Yep, I do what ever it takes!
Brandy W
Brandy W Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina | September 23 2014
It's only been 2 sessions, but I can't thank you enough for your help with my fur-babies!! I am especially thankful for this last session on leash walking. Since we no longer have a yard, our walks are extremely important and being able to do so with no pulling is a welcomed gift. It's so EASY now and I still don't know why I waited until they were 9.5yrs old!!!! Thanks again!! Permalink
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Lily S
Lily S Charleston, South Carolina | September 23 2014
After one visit from Michelle we saw a huge improvement in our 2yr old 73lb boxer mix, Wally. She showed us that we have to be the pack leaders in our home and out. Wally now looks to us for direction instead of leading the way. After one session, we had already seen an improvement in our walks, and in his attentiveness to us. Wally is no longer dragging me through our apartment complex, and no longer rushing people at the door! Bark Busters methods are easy and non-physical. I look forward to the day that Wally is able to walk on an "invisible leash" and I feel confident that we will reach that goal someday, with Bark Busters' training and our own diligence and determination. I work in the veterinary field and will continue to recommend Bark Busters to patients with confidence, knowing that their simple, non-physical methods are both easy, and effective. We are truly grateful to Michelle for her expertise and her obvious love of her job! Permalink
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Ryan K
Ryan K North Charleston, South Carolina | September 23 2014
Bark Busters has been incredible. I love how they train without any reward incentives. I have seen huge improvements with my stubborn pup and gained tons of valuable knowledge. They give you the tools to help raise the perfect companion and are truly there to help. You can tell they love their job and care about getting results for their clients. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone who wants long lasting results for their dog. Permalink
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