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Izabel & Arthur M
Izabel & Arthur M Troy, Michigan | August 26 2014
IT WAS AMAZING TO SEE SUCH QUICK RESULTS! Unbelievable! Great job! Permalink
Dmitriy & Elise S
Dmitriy & Elise S Rochester Hills, Michigan | August 26 2014
IT WAS JAW-DROPPING TO SEE RESULTS after only some minutes of training. Our main issue with our little Dexter was the nipping. We felt it couldn't be fixed and we really worried about it. After some minutes, on the very first day, he was done with it. It was AMAZING! It is rewarding to be able to train our puppy and feel like we are also bonding. We were delighted to learn techniques that don't involve the use of treats. We would recommend (and already did) Bark Busters any day! Permalink
Shannon K
Shannon K Troy, Michigan | August 26 2014
WE WERE AMAZED AT HOW QUICKLY SOME OF OUR DOG'S BEHAVIORS WERE CORRECTED! Lisa was very personable and friendly. [She] was patient and didn't rush us through our session. Very thorough program and very much worth the money! Permalink
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Meaghan N South Beach, Florida | August 26 2014
Very professional, saw improvement in my Dogo Argentino within the first few hours. Also on my already well behaved Doberman. It was awesome how much more comfortable I feel when I am Walking my dog using the techniques and the non physical reinforcement methods he taught me. Also, he took the time to explain what to do, how to do it and what to expect. Very highly recommended Permalink
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Kimberly M Colorado Springs, Colorado | August 26 2014
Ryan was very patient. It makes sense to think like a dog and train the way dogs train each other and us. Ryan went above and beyond and I am so grateful! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression
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Arica C Denver, Colorado | August 26 2014
I called upon Becky to help me with my two dogs' separation anxiety. At our first meeting, Becky was very upfront in communicating that this was one of the hardest behaviors to deal with and that it was going to be a long road of training. Becky shared with me how my behaviors were the main problem. I so appreciated her honest up front communication which prepared me for the training regime ahead. Within the first 2-3 weeks Becky had provided me with most of the tools I would need to train myself and two dogs. She was always there when I needed her even when I called her crying that my dogs just ate my couch! I went as far as putting one of my pets on anti-anxiety medication but with Becky's constant and consistent training efforts, I was able to wean my dog off of the meds. I now have two dogs who are able to stay at home without me worrying about what they are doing to my home or themselves and have Becky to thank for it! Permalink
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Erin T
Erin T Minneapolis, Minnesota | August 26 2014
Here's the email I sent Lynne: Just wanted to say thank you for our new dog Mavis. She has been totally transformed from the day you were here. Very little barking and will stop when we tell her too. She follows us everywhere. She is more cuddly and she drops stuff when we Bah at her and will stay in the yard if we tell her to. We are loving our new dog! Your training was truly transformative. Ever grateful, Erin and family Permalink
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Trainer note from Lynne : So happy to work with Mavis, you and the entire family. Have fun and keep building her focus!
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Katie and David L Beaverton, Oregon | August 24 2014
Lisa explained the training techniques, was easy to follow, and the leave behind material is great. Diesel seems to show off for the teacher, but he shows comprehension after each session. We love not having to carry treats around. He doesn't always respond to the natural methods (i.e. growling), but the squirt never fails. We have learned a lot and it's gratifying to see the immediate response from Diesel with the exercises. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters! We were so worried Diesel was going to be more than we could handle. You guys have been lifesavers! The last thing we wanted was to maybe have to return him to the breeder, but we are confident now that he is a permanent addition to the family! Permalink
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Sheri C Lake Park, Florida | August 23 2014
I have a five month old pit bull, Jaxson, who Mary has been helping us with puppy management since he was about three months old. It is amazing to see that how well he responds is directly related to how much work we put into him. He is coming along beautifully. Today we worked on pulling on the leash with the Wagg Walker harness. It was amazing. When Jaxson smells something, he tries to pull you towards the smell and you have to give hime a few good short yanks and growls before he redirects and starts walking again. With the Wagg Walker it was two quick tugs and he was on track. The leash attaches to the front of the harness and turns his body instead of pulling his head. It's brilliant. It takes a few minutes to adjust it to fit properly, but so worth it. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Mary to make Jaxson the best boy he can be. Permalink
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Ryan T Katy, Texas | August 23 2014
Great Job! Noticed an immediate change in behavior in Beau. I would recommend this service to anyone. Permalink
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