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John D Stamford, Connecticut | July 21 2014
Michael Konstantaras did an outstanding job from the very first moment. He established an immediate rapport with our dog, and within minutes, he had commanded the dog's attention, gotten the dog to stop certain forms of unwanted behavior, while, at the same time, having the dog come into his arms with tail wagging when appropriate. He was like a magician and his communications with us were clear and sensible. I recommend Michael with full enthusiasm. Permalink
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Pam P
Pam P Des Moines, Iowa | July 21 2014
Deb is absolutely amazing. There was so much that we had been doing wrong -- really, letting Max train us in many ways. She was funny, and kind, and gently showed me ways to redirect my behavior to improve Max's. And within an hour he was already standing back from a wide-open front door! And stopped barking at people walking past on the sidewalk! It's an amazing program -- it takes work, and practice, and I'm still making mistakes -- but in time I know this will really improve my relationship with Max, and will make him a happier, less stressed dog. Permalink
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Gil  & Tina G
Gil & Tina G Lake Forest, California | July 20 2014
We are truly pleased with the professionalism,knowledge and caring that both Lisa and Nelson Neyer expressed throughout our dog Samos's training. Prior to his training Samos was essentially training our family members to cater to his wants and desires. Now, Samos knows respect, obedience and responds more positively from simply hand movements, varied voice tones and repetitive training methods learned from the "Bark Busters Dog Training Program". We sincerely appreciate the on-site trainers and effective dog training program- Permalink
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Trainer note from Nelson and Lisa : We admit, it was hard to focus on Samos' training and follow through, because he is so darn cute! But you guys hung in there and suceded!
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Anita H Montpelier, Ohio | July 19 2014
Our 6 month old Labradoodle,Fiona, would bark when asked a command, like she was talking back to us. She never wanted to listen. When told to leave it, she would until she thought you were not looking, then go right for it. If she wasn't preoccupied she refused to come when called. She constantly paced, growled & barked at everything, marking in the house, jumped on everyone (especially kids)(nieces and nephews were afraid), basically absolutely no manners at all. Then one day she growled at me when I took her bone away, within a week she became possessive of her bones and food. She snapped & growled at me and growled at my husband. We both thought she would was going to bite me. She challenged us more and more everyday!! I became afraid of a 6 month old puppy!! Never thought possible!! I didn't want kids around her. I didn't trust her at all! I've had dogs over the years and never one as challenging as Fiona. So, in May I did research and went with Cheryl. It was like magic!!! Fiona was submissive almost right away for Cheryl. I couldn't believe my eyes! My sister who came over during the training session said its like she's a totally different dog!! Cheryl TRAINS you on how to become alpha in the household. She will spend as much time with you as you need. First visit was over 4 hours. She is extremely patient, understanding, easy going, great listener and does not judge. I was worried that she would make me feel like I'm a horrible dog owner but not once did I feel judged!! Not even 2 months later and 2 sessions we are making lots of progress! The barking is decreasing, she has not marked in over a month. It was weekly. She has not growled at either of us for over a month!! I can take food away from her and anything she puts in her mouth(socks, rocks, etc). Fiona does not challenge me like she did!! She still does but she doesn't push all the time. The biggest thing is I am NOT afraid!!!! Neither are my nieces and nephews!! She use to inhale her food. Now when I feed her she chews it. The other day I gave her free rang of the yard. I called her 5 different times to come and every time she did, even when I couldn't see her. She is still hyper but calms down faster. Fiona doesn't pace around the house anymore. I don't feel overwhelmed when people come over. I totally and completely suggest Cheryl!! We are on road to a very happy household!!!!! Permalink
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Dave N
Dave N Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina | July 19 2014
If anyone is looking to train their dog, or get a handle on their rowdy pup, I MUST suggest Bark Busters here in Charleston, JUST 2 weeks Gunner has gone from jumping on people, being uncooperative on his leash, running amuck all over the place to a compliant, awesome, calmed down little guy. Worth every penny and minute of time. After the first session I saw a ridiculous 200% change in my dog!! Permalink
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Sara O Stamford, Connecticut | July 18 2014
I have had Mike's business card for months and am so mad that I waited this long to reach out to him.... he is absolutely amazing. I have a three year old rescue named Carmella who has been increasingly more aggressive towards other dogs and also has other behavioral issues... jumping on people, pulling like crazy on a leash when I walk her, and just doesn't listen well overall. Within an hour of being with Mike, my dog was acting like a completely different dog. He showed me ways to communicate with Carmella so that she would respect and understand me. We took her for a walk and he showed me how to walk her and ways to keep her from pulling and stay by my side. Even the guy at the restaurant I live above noticed how differently she was acting, he said it was the calmest he has ever seen her. The part that amazed me the most is that Mike does all of this without treats or being aggressive/physical with the dog. Not only is he great with the dogs, we was great towards me. He checked in the whole time to make sure I felt comfortable with the techniques we were using and made sure I understood what we were doing and why. He also made the training fun and interesting... I loved every minute of it. I am so happy and hopeful after just one training session with Mike. He is a wonderful trainer and person and I would (and will!) recommend him to anyone who needs help with their dog. Permalink
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Jae & Young-Shin K
Jae & Young-Shin K Bloomfield HIlls, Michigan | July 17 2014
John is a very professionally experienced trainer who loves dogs! Permalink
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Sarah F
Sarah F Center Line, Michigan | July 17 2014
Thanks so much for your help!! I already have [recommended Bark Busters] to a couple of co-workers! Permalink
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Jennifer S
Jennifer S Clarkston, Michigan | July 17 2014
Easy and effective. Our dog responded right away to the training. The training is simple and makes sense! Our dog is SO much better behaved already! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Digging, Hyperactivity, Jumping up
Emily Y
Emily Y Warren, Michigan | July 17 2014
I was very pleased with my experience and the hands-off approach. My puppy responded amazingly to the techniques. Permalink
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