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Tina M
Tina M Portchester, New York | June 30 2016
Daisy was three months old when we got her from a rescue. She jumped, nipped, looked for attention from everyone on walks, which made them difficult. She would also whine in her crate when alone and bark endlessly. We taught her many commands, so we had difficulty understanding why she didn't listen to us being she was so smart and clearly understood what we asked of her. She also had a food aggression issue developing rather quickly and that was when we decided to get a trainer! Nicole called me to discuss training Daisy and as she asked questions bells were going off in my head. It was clear she understood what was happening and so we gave Nicole and Bark Busters a try. She also had a holistic approach which we liked. After the first visit we felt really good, we had tools we could use. It didn't take long for Daisy to listen to us. We learned how to walk her and she no longer pulls but walks next to us. They have a great collar that we love to use. She no longer tries to stop every person on the street for attention. We even walked by the train station while people were getting off the train and she stayed with me in a field of people and didn't stop once, I was so happy! Nicole also helped us with her crate training, since the first visit she no longer cries or barks but sits quietly in her crate. She sits at all doors before going out or in and waits to be told she can come. She is doing well potty training now as well. She is much calmer and more content and we enjoy her so much more now. We only had the one visit so far and if that is all we had the fee would still have been well worth it. We can't wait for the next session to see what Daisy is really capable of and for her to reach her full potential. I highly recommend Nicole she is very personable and very helpful, and we could not have trained Daisy so well without her! Permalink
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Meagan M Roseville, California | June 30 2016
Barbara came all the way out to Roseville from Stockton to help us with some new training drills to work on with our 6-year old Border Collie. She has some issues with food aggression and training methods we have seen on YouTube and from other sources seemed too physical for us, and unsafe. Barbara gave us some really great tips that we are starting to use, and we are starting to see improvements already. She used to show her teeth and growl whenever she was eating and we approached, but just yesterday my husband fed her holding the bowl with his thumbs inside and she did great after just a few days of some training. We will continue to use the things Barbara taught us to ensure continued success. Thank you Barbara! Permalink
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Christina D
Christina D Collegeville, Pennsylvania | June 30 2016
The training was very helpful for us. River was barking uncontrollably and Jeri helped us get this under control. She taught us how to take the lead instead of allowing River to lead us. Thanks Jeri!! Permalink
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Lynsie H Battle creek, Michigan | June 30 2016
First training session went really well. Pam explained things to us about dog logic and it all made complete sense when given real examples. It was one of those "Ah ha" moments. Our dog is almost 6 months old and responded really well to the methods taught. Looking forward to more sessions. Permalink
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Julie C Newport Beach, California | June 30 2016
Lisa helped us with our aggressive and fearful dog. She equipped us to better handle potential problematic situations and our dog has already responded well to training. He seems calmer and we feel more relaxed after the training. Lisa also helped with our 4 month old puppy and provided information on how to shape a puppy into a well-behaved dog. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall, Separation anxiety, Toileting
Trainer note from Joshua : Thank you all so much for the team effort! I saw lots of positive behavioral changes in the puppy and a huge turn around in the fearful dog!
Jamey B
Jamey B Celina, Texas | June 30 2016
Our puppy responded well to the techniques and we could see a difference in our dog's behavior after the first session. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management
Carol M
Carol M Collegeville, Pennsylvania | June 30 2016
Positive for every aspect of Bark Busters and of course Jeri, our therapist. Benny's progress has been unbelievable! Our walks are fun again without being constantly pulled by him and his barking with the BAH/Settle or Leave it command has worked wonders! Permalink
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Jamey B Celina, Texas | June 30 2016
Our puppy responded well to the technique and we could see a difference in our dog's behavior after the first session. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Puppy management
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Richard C Plainfield, Indiana | June 29 2016
Very professional. Our dog, 8 months old, has responded remarkably to the input we received from Patrick. My wife remarked about the respect that our dog demonstrated for Patrick at the very beginning when he entered our home. With the instruction we received we are now LEADING the way for our pet instead of the other way around. Thank you Bark Busters' Rich and Cathy Carr Permalink
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Bev G St. Cloud, Wisconsin | June 29 2016
I can't believe the difference in Gracy after only one session! I am looking forward to sessions to come. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Puppy management
Trainer note from Ruth : Bev was having problems getting Gracy, a poodle mix under control. She is still under a year old and her puppy behaviors hadn't been fixed yet. As soon as we started working with Gracy, her behavior changed right away. The jumping and barking stopped, and she began listening very well. Bev was so happy to be able to communicate with Gracy on a different level, and not have to use any physical techniques. Happy dogs, happy families!