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beth M Baltimore, Maryland | May 02 2018
Bella was 6 months old when Anne strarted our training and had been crated for most of that time. Bella was not exposed to other dogs, people or even ordinary outside sounds. I halso have cats. She was afraid of everything! Worst of all I didn't know how to help her. I couldn't "speak dog". Anne started on the first visit to teach me how to let Bella out of the crate. She's a Jack Russel with lots of energy. We have written check lists to measure our progress. I give weekly reports on our progress and I can call Anne when I need to. I learned about what kind of food and treats to buy. I got a different kind of leash and harness. I have written materials, website advice, vet advice. Permalink
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Alyssa B San Diego, California | May 02 2018
When Justin first came in, I was more apprehensive than ever while watching one of my pugs jump on his face while the other started nosing through his backpack. They were definitely pulling out all of the stops to show him why we needed him there and I was mortified. Justin immediately put my husband and I both at ease with his passion and knowledge when it comes to working with dogs. What stands out immediately is that he is HAPPY in his field and he isn't there to shame you for the behaviors that your dog has picked up. He is there to teach us the language necessary to communicate boundaries and expectations to them so that we, pups included of course, are thriving and living happily among one another. Seriously, our dogs were completely different dogs within the first half hour of him being there. It has been 24 hours since Justin came and these hours have been the most calm I have ever seen them. They are happy as can be and so are we. The tools that Justin equipped us with have made a world of difference in the way that our home feels and that is absolutely priceless. Our lives are truly changed. Thank you so much, Justin! We may not NEED to see you again but we all sure would like to :) #justinthedogwhisperer, #barkbustersisforreal Permalink
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Barbara K SEattle, Washington | May 01 2018
The training with David Wiley was very helpful! Permalink
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Heather S
Heather S Thomasville, Georgia | May 01 2018
Leigh Ann was fantastic with our puppy! Even on the first day of training, she had him following commands and stopping bad behaviors. She's a wonderful teacher, explaining everything as she went along so that I really feel like I can keep up the training when she's not here. I love that she's always available to me if I need her and is helping us work our way toward the goal of becoming a therapy dog. Thanks so much! Permalink
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Gwynne H Denver, Colorado | May 01 2018
Highly recommend Dan at Barkbusters to those looking to help their dog be the best pup it can be. Dan helped my husband and I understand what's happening inside our dog's brain and how best to communicate to her and help her correct her 'problem' behaviors. He helped us understand that our pup felt like she had to be the pack leader (a role she was not naturally suited for) because we were not telling her that we were the leader... so she was stressed out. After one afternoon session, we were clear on what we needed to practice and I have already seen improvement in one day. It's up to you to practice what Dan teaches you (only about 5 mins a day when all is said and done) but I believe we are now communicating 'clearly' to her and she definitely responding positively. Thanks, Dan! Permalink
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Joanie R Denver, Colorado | May 01 2018
My girlfriend had been worried for a while that we would never be able to move her corgi into our apartment with us since her corgi has very bad seperation anxiety and was very yappy, especially with our roommate. He came over for an hour and we saw more progress in that hour than in the last few years. He taught us how to communicate with our dog in a way that she understands. We are still working on training her everyday, but she has come a very long way in the last month, and she is finally living with us. Bark Busters has helped us to live happily with our little munchkin, and we are happy we made the choice to go with them! Permalink
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Andrea M Aurora, Colorado | May 01 2018
After a year of training through books, boarding/training programs, personal trainers at a local pet store, I finally gave in and hired Dan to help with my dog's separation anxiety and aggression. I really didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars more on training but I was desperate for a solution. And the only regret I have is not hiring him sooner. After one session, I saw a dramatic change in my dog. He was able to teach me methods to communicate with her that really made sense to me. While the training will be on-going, I am so much happier and relaxed (and I think my dog is too). I feel confident with my abilities now to handle situations before my dog gets out-of-control. Permalink
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Julie R Fairfax, Virginia | May 01 2018
I am just amazed to see the instant results after just our first meeting. My dog Diesel is a rescue that came from a no rules background and needed help with all his manners and learning the rules. I tried doing some training on my own and found little to no results in it. Within the first 10 minutes of our meeting I was already seeing changes in Diesel. Mark teaches you how to think like a dog to be able to properly communicate with your pup. Diesel pulls on the leash especially when his squirrel friends are in sight and loves being an escape artist. We had him outside on stress free, no pull little stroll and for the first time someone was able to enter and leave my place without Diesel embracing his inner Houdini! Thank you Mark for your magical training techniques and I'm looking forward to our future sessions. Permalink
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Ellen F
Ellen F Apopka, Florida | April 30 2018
Great! I thought he was untrainable. Saw a huge difference right away. Permalink
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Michael & Paulina A
Michael & Paulina A Stuart, Florida | April 30 2018
Very good advice about training our dog, they responded immediately. Permalink
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