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Shannon K
Shannon K Troy, Michigan | August 25 2014
WE WERE AMAZED AT HOW QUICKLY SOME OF OUR DOG'S BEHAVIORS WERE CORRECTED! Lisa was very personable and friendly. [She] was patient and didn't rush us through our session. Very thorough program and very much worth the money! Permalink
Dmitriy & Elise S
Dmitriy & Elise S Rochester Hills, Michigan | August 25 2014
IT WAS JAW-DROPPING TO SEE RESULTS after only some minutes of training. Our main issue with our little Dexter was the nipping. We felt it couldn't be fixed and we really worried about it. After some minutes, on the very first day, he was done with it. It was AMAZING! It is rewarding to be able to train our puppy and feel like we are also bonding. We were delighted to learn techniques that don't involve the use of treats. We would recommend (and already did) Bark Busters any day! Permalink
Izabel & Arthur M
Izabel & Arthur M Troy, Michigan | August 25 2014
IT WAS AMAZING TO SEE SUCH QUICK RESULTS! Unbelievable! Great job! Permalink
Ashlan Y
Ashlan Y Walled Lake, Michigan | August 25 2014
VERY INTERESTING TECHNIQUE THAT MADE SENSE AND WAS FUN LEARNING! I never thought there was so much to learn about training my dog. Molly was listening 100% better by the end of her first session! [I would recommend Bark Busters] because it is so effective. It not only improves pets' behavior, but improves training skills. Permalink
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Patrice & Day T Rochester Hills, Michigan | August 25 2014
UNDERSOLD AND OVERDELIVERED! John is very clear, and listens. [He] helped us to show Buddy that we were in charge of our visitors -- not Buddy. Permalink
Emmy R
Emmy R Auburn Hills, Michigan | August 25 2014
ALL DOGS ARE DOING GREAT! I WISH I HAD CALLED YOU TWO YEARS AGO! It couldn't be any easier. Lisa was super nice!! You know your business. It is great working with you! Permalink
Lorie V
Lorie V Orion Township, Michigan | August 25 2014
OUR WHOLE FAMILY WAS IN AWE. John was wonderful! He was able to explain the techniques and background in a way that was easy to understand. Even after he left, we continued the techniques and have made great progress in a few days. It is so simple and easy you want to continue and praise your dog's success! I have already given a recommendation. It is easy to understand and you get maximum results. Very pleased with John and Lisa! Permalink
Dea & Bob F
Dea & Bob F Beverly Hills, Michigan | August 25 2014
EXCELLENT PROGRAM W/IMMEDIATE RESULTS! John was easy to understand, giving examples and rehearsing with us! We especially like the non-punishing approach. Permalink
Jennifer K
Jennifer K Stamford, Connecticut | August 25 2014
Mike was patient, knowledgeable and thorough. Theres been a huge change in our dog since our first meeting. He no longer barks at the door, and we're able to watch Animal Planet now without him attacking the TV! We can't wait to see how he progresses after the second session! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
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Sarah F Allen, Texas | August 25 2014
Marked improvement with a stranger (therapist) in the house. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking