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Andrea C
Andrea C Johns Island, South Carolina | November 23 2015
I called James at my wits end. I was seriously considering giving back my 80 lb, 8 month old Bernedoodle, River. I had come to regret getting another dog, well puppy that is. River and I had not learned to communicate with each other. He decided that biting me was the best way to get my attention. Biting me to go out, biting me to eat, biting me for attention. He also was quite the destructive mutt. I had to put him in day camp 6 days a week and the few hours I had him at home were miserable. I knew all dogs are innately good dogs, so how do I become his leader and gain his respect? This I could not figure out. As a last ditch effort, I called James. I immediately signed up for a year because I knew there would be several training sessions. Well after just ONE session, my bad, destructive, biting puppy, became an angel. No kidding. A complete angel. James has literally turned my bad pup into a great dog. I now no longer need to take him to day camp, he is not destructive, he does not bite me, he comes when called, he does not try to trip me down the stairs.... And the list goes on and on. I was able to put out all of my pillows, rugs and valuables that I had put away for safe keeping and River doesn't even notice them. I can't believe the change in just one training session. I am so grateful for James. He has worked miracles on a dog that I didn't think would respond. Thank you! Permalink
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Marcela S Fort Myers, Florida | November 23 2015
Patrick was incredibly professional and made everything easy to understand. In one hour he was able to exhaust my high energy pup and teach him how to walk on the leash with no pulling and also how to greet guests when they come in. I am very happy to have had his services and can't wait to have a personal story when referring him to clients. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling
Trainer note from Patrick : Miss Solis is a Veterinary Technician with Best Friends Animal Hospital in Fort Myers, FL.
Theresa D
Theresa D Springfield, Massachusetts | November 22 2015
Thank you Scott. It only has been 3 days but we see such an improvement in all 3 dogs. We actually can sit at the table and eat without our German Shepherd trying to steal our food. We don't have to put the trash up high anymore, she lays next to our rabbit's cage with out going crazy. It's so peaceful in the house. All 3 dogs have been doing much better on the barking. With a German Shepherd (5-months old) Chihuahua/Italian greyhound (2-yrs old) and a Chihuahua (6-yrs old) thy seem to get each other barking. Having Scott come to the house was the best thing. He knows what he is talking about and helped us out so much. Very nice guy and easy to talk to. I know if we keep up on the training techniques our dogs will have manners and be happy. Thank you so much Scott. You made our house a happy peaceful house. Permalink
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Narmin K Sugar Land, Texas | November 22 2015
Effective way of training. Will keep practicing. Permalink
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Lisa C Lithia, Florida | November 22 2015
We have had great success with our dog using the training. Joanne is very good at explaining the process to help our dog. Lucy loves her and she has been very helpful to our family., Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Other, Puppy management
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Sharon K Stockbridge, Georgia | November 22 2015
It had been over 50 years since my husband had been around a puppy and almost 20 years for me. I read everything I could find, bought books and watched videos. The more I watched the more opinions I got. I finally found Jessica with Bark Busters and decided we needed an in home visit, especially because my husband and I had differing opinions. BarkBusters techniques were easy for Bindi to understand & showed her how to behave in a way an adult dog would teach her. Bindi was 12 weeks old and wasnÂ’t finished with her vaccinations so the in-home visit was perfect for her and stopped some behaviors before they were deeply ingrained. She completely gets our corrections now and nothing is forced on her. Once she understands, she is more than happy to please. Jessica is exceptional with her knowledge and understanding of dogs and people. I would recommend anyone having behavior problems or needs basic pack leadership issues to call Jessica Westmoreland. Permalink
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Don & Linda S Fort Myers Beach, Florida | November 21 2015
LuLu responded immediately to the training. We are pleased with her progress. Permalink
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Christina E Rio Rancho, New Mexico | November 21 2015
Great info. Will probably need a review . Lot's to absorb. Jim is very knowledgeable. Looking forward to more sessions. Permalink
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Debbi M
Debbi M Albany, Georgia | November 20 2015
What a relief to find someone like Leigh Ann who can train my husband and me! Yes, we all call it dog training but we know the truth. We presented Leigh Ann a long list of undesirable behaviors and she dealt with everything. It's only been 2 days since her visit and we see marked improvement in so many areas. Excellent program, wonderful trainer! Permalink
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Ernesto R Miami, Florida | November 19 2015
The training has been going great so far. I just began the training sessions with Luis, and I can already see improvement from my dog when using the techniques that Luis taught me. The best part of the training is understanding the way a dog thinks. By doing this Luis was able to show me why my dog acted a certain way. My dog was dealing with separation anxiety and non stop barking, but with these techniques I've been slowly but surely calming my dog down so that he doesn't suffer from the anxiety and calms down with the barking. Permalink
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