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Christopher D Seattle, Washington | June 18 2016
Very pleased with the progress our guys have made with just a few hours and our (less than consistent) "homework" after the training with David Wiley! It's clear that consistency is key, but although we lack that (a bit for now, better once the summer break is here) the dogs have responded very well and even appear to be "anticipating" the new way of doing things. They appear calmer and less likely to impulsively jump, and seem to respond more quickly to verbal commands. Overall.....Very happy!!! Permalink
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Esther V Ridgewood, New Jersey | June 18 2016
Greg is an incredibly good trainer. He totally understands our dog Kobe, knows exactly what to do in any given situation. Greg helped us over the past 8 months, teaching us how to train our Labrador Retriever. He's has been here a couple of times and every time I feel very empowered and in control of our young dog. The training techniques Greg shares are amazing and have immediate impact on our dog. The dog understands immediately and responds so well to what ever is taught. I learned about Bark Busters and Greg via a friend who had a puppy and needed help to get the situation under control. I'm so glad that I reached out to Bark Busters and very happy that Greg has helped us (and is still helping us) on the right path with Kobe. Permalink
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Deborah M Louisville, Kentucky | June 18 2016
My family was bordering on desperation when we reached out to Doug Rountree. Although hopeful, we were somewhat skeptical that he could provide solutions to the multiple behavioral problems of our dog, Avery. To our amazement, after a thorough question and answer period, Doug systematically addressed and provided behavior modification training for every one of Avery's problems. My son and I saw a dramatic improvement in Avery's behavior after only one training session with Doug. At the conclusion of our second session, we were honestly able to tell Avery that he was a good boy. Contacting Doug for behavior modification training was one of the smartest decisions our family has ever made. We are enjoying Avery more and more each day. It is reassuring to know that, should the need arise, we can call on Doug at any time. Permalink
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Kristen D Prospect Heights, Illinois | June 18 2016
Brad was amazing. We could already see results after the first day! Just him being there seems to have an effect on my dog. Great techniques, you just have to continue to apply them when he is gone. Great guy and great service! Permalink
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Danny & Annelies T Seattle, Washington | June 18 2016
Our main goal in training Bruce has been to get him to keep his focus on us and be able to recall him when we are around other dogs and in other exciting situations. So far David has been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to teaching us exercises to work on. It's only been a few weeks but David's tips have definitely helped us make progress! We are really starting to see a difference in Bruce, and his potential of being our dream dog! Permalink
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Jenn L Green Lane, Pennsylvania | June 17 2016
Jeri is very informative and thorough. Her techniques with Cooper have been very easy to follow and he is doing great! Permalink
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Bryan K Phoenixville, Pennsylvania | June 17 2016
We contacted Bark Busters a few months after adopting Brandi to help us with leash pulling, hyperactivity and some aggression we could not control. Jeri was immediately responsive to our request and stepped right in to help. We were thrilled with the results and the process of us being trained on how to train Brandi. Learning the reasons behind some behaviors and having us as owners doing the trainings with the expertise of Bark Busters was extremely beneficial. After the first session we noticed fast results in the leash pulling which gave us the confidence the rest would fall into place and so far so good! We've learned so much more than we expected and now are so happy Brandi has settled in with us for a lifetime of happiness. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Hyperactivity, Pulling
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Jennifer B Wall Township, New Jersey | June 17 2016
Nick is amazing!! My two mini dachshunds were having a serious case of sibling rivalry. I was also getting complaints from the neighbors about their incessant barking. After the first session with "Uncle Nick" the barking was cured and the fighting was greatly reduced. I am thrilled to say that after the second session the fighting has stopped! I feel like I have two new dogs! I was desperate and really didn't think they could be helped. I can't thank him enough!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Recall, Sibling rivalry
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Nita C Sugar Land, Texas | June 17 2016
Could not believe the difference in our (3) dogs within two hours of time. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall
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adriane A las vegas, Nevada | June 17 2016
Just a few weeks ago we added a new addition to our crazy little family named Charlie aka Carlos, Carlito, Charlito, or whatever you wanna call him. We soon realized we were way in over our heads and had no clue on where to start on training a puppy. So after stepping in a few little puppy puddles, some sleepless nights, and plenty of curse words we put the magic on the internet to work and found Bark Busters. After a long phone conversation We determined that this was the help we desperately needed to restore some sort of control in our home. With a knock at our door our new puppy and giant Swissy charged the front door barking and clawing at the door. After wrestling my way to open the door I was surprised to see a familiar face. I had already met Derek at a local gym so it was a little more comforting to let him and Lissette into our home. After analyzing us they came to the conclusion that or older four legged friend may be the one that needs to be trained and her bad habits could rubbing off on puppy Carlos. Within a few hours they showed us some pretty useful and amazing things to train not only our puppy but our monster of a dog. They gave us suggestion on diets, showed us trick to walking them on a leash, and even left us with with a few treats and a lifetime warranty. Permalink
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