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Stephanie B Canton, Georgia | October 23 2013
Rocco is doing great! All of the training and little tricks you taught us really worked out well. Rocco still has lots of energy but is really obedient the majority of the time. We took him camping with us to Unicoi State Park for Fall Break. He did amazing! We hiked to two different waterfalls and he really enjoyed being with us and outside. Permalink
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Laura and Scott B Prospect, Connecticut | October 22 2013
I like how everything is related to everyday action and customizable to Tyson's needs and issues. Tyson is very stubborn and our habits are hard to break. I am amazed that there is no need for physical/negative correction and at the same not a ton of treats. We've learned so much about communication (both ways) between us and the dog, because of our trainers. I have always said it is about training the human, not the dog. This training has proved that we now have the best relationship with our dog because we know how to communicate what we want and what he needs. Permalink
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Rhonda and Larry D Canby, Oregon | October 22 2013
We knew exactly what to do. Dick's instructions were written and explained well. We would have observed noticeable results had we stayed consistent with working with the dogs. The first 2 weeks were great. Then we weren't able to work with them as often. The BB collars got their attention and they paid attention to our commands. Dick did a great job explaining everything. Permalink
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Marilyn and Gerald W Newberg, Oregon | October 22 2013
Dick showed us how to do each step, allowing us to go through the procedures with our dog. We still have work to do with out dog but he is much improved! Bark Busters came highly recommended from my niece Gwen Davis. Gwen knows others who have used Bark Busters and were well pleased with the results Permalink
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Melanie & Chris L Royal Oak, Michigan | October 22 2013
IT HAS DEFINITELY BEEN REWARDING! Lisa is very personable and patient. The way she explains things is clear and logical. I would feel confident recommending Bark Busters. Permalink
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Jeanne & Bob G North Fort Myers, Florida | October 21 2013
Our Sofie responds better to Bark Busters than any other method. We're learning to talk like good dogs. Patrick had many examples to refer to and we did find him most knowledgeable. Bark Busters is an easy but effective approach for us and basic manners is what we wanted for our puppy. So far, we're standing tall and smiling! Permalink
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Jennifer Q Yorktown Heights, New York | October 20 2013
I was pleasantly surprised at the speediness of results! I thought they were simple and non aggressive, but very effective! I learned a lot about dog mentality and pack behavior - very interesting. I already recommended Bark Busters several times. The thoroughness and explanation of techniques and dog behavior made training easy and interesting. Permalink
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Xenia C Anthem, Arizona | October 19 2013
My Great Dane started to become aggressive a couple months ago.He attacked another dog and bit a few friends and family members not living in my home. My vet recommended Dale at Bark Busters. Dale taught me how to train my dog ! I worked with him along with Dale once a week for a few weeks and he is a happy pleasant dog once again! Grendle has not bitten anyone since our first visit. I am incredibly grateful to Dale and Vikki for their help and continued support. I would definitely recommend them to anyone having issues with their dog.! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Xenia, Beowulf and Grendle Permalink
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Denise & Sean M
Denise & Sean M Goodyear, Arkansas | October 19 2013
Michelle spent more than 4 hours with us on our first meeting. She was patient and listened to all we had to say about Axle. While Axle came to us with basic obedience training, we really want to be able to get his CGC certificate. I know with Michelle's guidance, we'll be able to obtain this goal. She really is knowledgeable about dogs and their behavior. We look forward to future sessions with Michelle, as we know we probably need the training more than Axle does! Permalink
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Denise and Dan F
Denise and Dan F Prospect, Connecticut | October 19 2013
Vickie and Rich are great to work with and have given us needed tools to work on key areas of Duke's training. It is clear that they have a love for animals and that is vital to this training. Permalink
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