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Jack D
Jack D Freehold, New Jersey | October 28 2016
Nick is excellent. We rescued Emmie from New York City where she was found on the streets. The biggest problem we had with her is that she would bark and bite people on the ankles, especially men, who came to visit. Nick's training has made The situation so much better. She still has some anxiety when strangers walk in, but I am able to easily control her behavior and calm her down within a few minutes. Permalink
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Gina S Woodbridge, Connecticut | October 28 2016
Richard and Vicki were and are extremely helpful with helping to train myself and my son with our fur baby Ginger!! The tools are friendly and easy to follow - we as pet owners just have to follow them lol If you are on the fence or have questions please reach out to Richard and Vicki, you will not be disappointed!!!!! Permalink
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Kristine B Menasha, Wisconsin | October 27 2016
Ruth was very helpful in reducing Bambi's barking within the first few hours! She gave us great tips to train her and we couldn't be more thankful. Bambi has become a whole new dog and we haven't even had the follow up appointment yet! Permalink
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Trainer note from Ruth : We have now had a follow up appointment and Bambi really has improved greatly! She is a Rat Terrier/Beagle mix who is a little nervous and felt she had to keep the family safe. She now knows a little more that she does not need to be the sounder of danger! They now have upstairs tenants who make noise when moving about their apartment and Bambi does not feel the need to sound off every time she hears something. We are now working on reacting to seeing people and other animals outside while walking and she did great at her first try. She has a great relationship with her owners and wants to please them.
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George W Brookeville, Maryland | October 26 2016
I am so glad I hired Bark Busters! I had taken Bella to training at 3 other places but was only taught how to give commands, nothing addressed her bad behavior at home. I wish I'd started out with Marsha Engel. My dog countersurfed, jumped on people, and pulled on leash. All solved! Permalink
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Cecilia B
Cecilia B Telford, Pennsylvania | October 26 2016
Jeri is a fun-loving, caring and warm person! She always listens to our dog's needs. She finds easy ways to teach our family about what is best for our pup. We like to use Jeri's name to coach our dog into better behavior, and it has worked thus far! The best thing about Jeri is that she is in touch with our animal and sets us up for solving every day mishaps with him. Jeri has made a difference in our home with our pet and we appreciate her for all she does! She is very dedicated to her profession:) Permalink
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Kristyn S Chicago, Illinois | October 26 2016
We have a 13 month old daughter and ever since she began walking, Scarlet (Pointer/beagle mix rescue) has been guarding her food and growling and being a weird combination of jealous and protective. We worried about the aggression getting worse and causing an issue, but we have had Scarlet for over 7 years and didn't want to think that giving her up was our only option. After a google search, I found Bark Busters. I liked that they had an option for follow ups and that the training was in our home. Janet was very knowledgeable, but didn't hide the fact that it may not work and Scarlet may not be a dog fit for children. We were nervous, but proceeded, and she has done phenomenally well. We have a ways to go, but Scarlet is responding really well to the training and has improved already (it has only been 1 week since our session)! I'm excited to continue and look forward to keeping our family together! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Other, Separation anxiety
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tessa G las vegas, Nevada | October 25 2016
This is diesel and zero. We have only had diesel for 5 months. When we rescued diesel from the animal shelter he say the least crazy. We immediately called bark busters. It took them one visit to help us get him under control. We have had a total of three visits with Derek and Lissette. Before these two had to be in different rooms or all hell would break loose. Look at them now!!! Thank you so much for your help guys! Permalink
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Michelle N las vegas, Nevada | October 25 2016
Derek and Lissette came to our house yesterday and were extremely helpful and professional! I've had a family dog for 14 years but just recently got a puppy who challenged me more than my family dog ever did. I felt overwhelmed and new to the whole dog owner scene and Barkbusters helped out with every issue that we had. My puppy had codependency, separate anxiety, housebreaking, and dominance issues. Derek and Lissette showed us a great tool and lifestyle to use and we have already seen amazing results. I feel confident and more knowledgeable then ever before and I cannot wait to see what more my little dog can do in the future with this program. It comforts me to know that they're always a phone call/text away if we ever have any questions or issues. I am definitely recommending them to anyone who has a similar situation as me and my dog but to anyone reading this as well! They will not disappoint! Permalink
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Rachel L las vegas, Nevada | October 25 2016
I rescued a French Bulldog almost one year ago. She is the sweetest dog ever…except when it came to other dogs. Zoe, our seven-year-old pooch lived in a home with a very aggressive mini-pit and he bullied her constantly. When I try to walk her it's a nightmare, she goes after any dog; from a Great Dane to a Chihuahua and forget taking her to the park or anything like that. We had an incident last week and I knew I needed it to be handled, I had no idea where to go since I clearly can't do group classes. Bark Busters were referred to me by a friend. Derek and Lissette came over last night and spent three hours with me and Zoe. I liken their approach to dog training as I would to conscious parenting. It was AMAZING! They taught me techniques that were so doable with zero aggression or anger and not treats but lots of praise. I was so impressed with both of them and my dog picked up on the training very quickly. This morning we got up, did our homework using their commands and suggestions and she did great! I feel like I have hope for my dog, which makes me so happy! Maybe next she'll be able to make some friends. I highly recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
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Nikki A las vegas, Nevada | October 25 2016
We just had our first training session with Derek and Lissette for our 2.5yo lab/Pitt mix Midas that we adopted at the beginning of the year. We called the Anovicks out of desperation. We'd recently moved to Las Vegas from Washington and Midas's existing separation anxiety went through the roof. He would escape his kennel every day and tore the molding off our garage door, tore apart pillows, ate shoes, got into garbage and his emotional distress was very concerning. All of this was happening while he was on Prozac. We thought we'd lost our boy and thought we might have to rehome him. Upon arriving, Midas barked at them, but unlike other visitors he warmed right up to them. Wagging his tail and butt and was happy to be around them. He trusted them. They first went through proper nutrition for our dog and explained that his diet could be a contributing factor. Then they went through their training philosophy and explained what they do, why, and how. They also explained dog behavior and communication. We then went right into exercises and scenarios with Midas. He respond to EVERY SINGLE ONE. They were training us just as much (if not more) as they were training Midas. They were non violent with their corrections, gave great positive reinforcement without the use of treats and were really great at explaining each exercise and guiding us. They show you how to do the correction then have you do it. They're right there telling you when to implement each tool they were giving us. Before they left we sat down once more and went through everything we learned and did. They gave us the tools we used in his training at no extra cost. We were given "homework" to do which was basically a chart we'd fill out each time we did the exercises and scenarios they showed us. We went into the appointment thinking it was just going to be another Midas expense and ended the appointment feeling like we'd just made the first real investment for our dog. They aren't salespeople, they don't pressure you to buy anything, they address your concerns and listen to you while being honest and direct. We're very happy with our experience and look forward to working with them on a going forward basis. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Digging, Separation anxiety