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Kate B
Kate B GLENVIEW, Illinois | October 01 2014
We have had only two lessons with our old English bulldog. Sadie is so cute but so stubborn. HOWARD & MARLENE have given us the tools to help Sadie become a well trained dog. After our 2 lessons Sadie is sitting and coming when she is called, not jumping as much as she did before, and is walking next to us when we take her one a walk. They also gave us advice on how to get her to stop nipping since she is teething and she is doing so much better. No more biting our ankles or hands. We still have a lot to do but I am so glad we have them standing right next to us. They are AWESOME and so caring for our little girl but with us as new owners!!! Permalink
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Erica P Lexington, Kentucky | October 01 2014
I saw immediate results with my English Mastiff. I had been training her wrong all along. Kendra helped us so much. Excellent marks in all categories. Permalink
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Dave & Shannon S
Dave & Shannon S Oxford, Michigan | October 01 2014
IT IS WORKING FROM DAY 1! I learned a lot; very easy to understand. Permalink
Kate & Jeff G
Kate & Jeff G Fairfield, Connecticut | September 30 2014
We are amazed after only one training session how much Hal's behavior has improved. We own a business that our dog comes to work with us every day. Hal is a Pit Bull and we all know the bad rap they get. Well Michael showed us how to let Hal know he doesn't have to protect us from EVERY person that comes into our business. And we do this WITHOUT THE USE OF TREATS OR HAVING TO HURT OR SCARE HAL! Michael's way of showing us how to communicate with Hal has been a life changing experience. Thank you Michael!!! Permalink
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Michelle G Thornton, Colorado | September 30 2014
After doing it 'our way' for a couple of years and getting absolutely NO change or understanding from our dog, we finally agreed that we needed the help of a professional. After one meeting with Scott things have been improving and we have some hope that our crazy-barker dog will actually soon be the delightful companion we thought she could be. Sunshine is learning quickly and taking our direction well and we are all less stressed out than before, which is obviously awesome. Permalink
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Roxie W Rochester Hills, Michigan | September 30 2014
WE WERE VERY IMPRESSED! As [Lisa] talked, we tried her methods and saw immediate results. The results have encouraged us and kept it interesting. Permalink
Brett & Laura G
Brett & Laura G Rochester Hills, Michigan | September 30 2014
IT WORKS!! Valuable instruction that was easy to follow -- and effective! Our dog demonstrated noticeable results and positive changes to her behavior almost immediately. Lisa was helping, understanding and an expert in training our puppy. The training is worth the investment. Thank you! Permalink
Yelena K
Yelena K Stamford, Connecticut | September 30 2014
Park Animal Hospital in Darien recommended as to call Barkbusters and Mike responded quickly. Our 7,5 years old Reed had developed a very bad habit to pee in the living room. We walk him about 2,5 -3 hours every day and he is fully trained. But there was something that triggered stress and this behavior. Mike started the training and explained to us how to rearrange the roles and how to demonstrate to Reed, that even if he is the most important person, we are in charge still. The obsessive barking almost discontinued. The dog is much calmer and does not demand being in focus of attention all the time. Mike told us that as Reed will calm down and becomes happier and feels more secure he would behave well again and won't pee any longer. We only had 3 "accidents" at home after we started training. We still have to learn a lot and finish the training and maintain the correct behavior, but we feel we are on the right track. Mike was very nice and explained everything very well. He trained us how to stop Reed from barking, how to gain back our personal space and told us that the accidents were all related with Reed being overprotective and being in charge of the whole family and the house. We are very pleased with the training and are very grateful to Mike and to Park Animal hospital for their referral. We are looking forward to continue training and be happy to recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for a gentle and stressless way to train their dog. Permalink
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Samantha C Centennial, Colorado | September 30 2014
WOW!! I cannot adequately express my gratitude for Becky! I have a pitbull rescue and she had some behavior issues that I didn't think I would see change. She was a happy-go-lucky puppy who started to show some serious OCD and ADD behaviors as she grew. I was at my wits end when my vet recommended Bark Busters and Becky. I feel lucky to have found her and I know that Eva feels the same. I have the most amazing companion and Becky found her again! THANK YOU BECKY and Bark Busters!! Permalink
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Joan & Richard S Naples, Florida | September 30 2014
Patrick and Bark Busters are so much better than the previous trainer we used. The methods are very clear, very natural, easy to understand and intelligent and compassionate. Permalink
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