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Steve & Sandra K The Woodlands, Texas | August 17 2013
Amazing results in little time. Definitely pleased with the natural training techniques. Results were wonderful and accomplished with no harsh measures. We recommend this highly! Permalink
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Ann C Cypress, Texas | August 17 2013
Bob was through, passionate & knowledgeable, Great Job ! I was amazed , Dixie's aggression is gone. I can use this to help the dogs I foster. I am very pleased !! Permalink
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Alvin & Debbie P Houston, Texas | August 17 2013
Saban is a different dog! This is very easy to understand and follow. Sternness with love = instant response. Absolutely worth the time and money b/c the results are immediately!! Permalink
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Shelly B Cypress, Texas | August 17 2013
So simple, like a light bulb was turned on. WOW!! My dogs are my kidsand I hated the thought of using any technique that caused physical harm, so this is awesome. It's cool seeing the envy in the eyes of people being pulled by their dogs, finally. Permalink
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Justin T Katy, Texas | August 17 2013
Amazing change within 5 minutes, effective and easy !! Permalink
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Janice B The Woodlands, Texas | August 17 2013
Learning to be the "pack leader" was very interesting. It's nice not having the dogs "go nuts" when the door bell rings in enjoyable. If you have a dog with issues, absolutely - call Bark Busters. Permalink
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Sandra K Houston, Texas | August 17 2013
Gentle, but immediately effective !! Permalink
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Ken & Lynn H Tomball, Texas | August 17 2013
Amazing! In 30 minutes my wild dog, who never minds, is responding to commands. Permalink
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Denita U Houston, Texas | August 17 2013
The change in Morgan's behavior was amazing. Her barking was out of control and by the time Bob left, she lay quietly as we shook hands and her left. The natural method works so well. Morgan has changed for the better. She isn't as wired/hyper - more relaxed. I was skeptical, but Bob & Bark Busters made me a believer. If this can make Morgan stop barking, there's hope for all dogs. It's worth the cost !! Permalink
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Herman & Alba A Houston, Texas | August 17 2013
We found the training method and technique to be an interesting education and it is user friendly. Bob was very patient and attentive. His friendly demeanor and enthusiasm show his love for his work. Permalink