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Nicole D
Nicole D Chicago, Illinois | February 09 2015
Our training sessions have been going great. Otis is very responsive to the training techniques and Marlene and Howard (so far!) seem to have a solution for every behavior. I'm learning that nothing happens over night, but with consistency and commitment, progress is absolutely evident. It is really reassuring that I can call Marlene, each time I have a question, or Otis develops a new behavior that needs to be addressed. Marlene and Howard are very flexible and supportive, and I know they really care about my dog and my satisfaction with the program, which is really important. Permalink
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Christina B
Christina B Culpeper, Virginia | February 09 2015
Alison is the first trainer (we've tried several trainers that were unsuccessful) that has enabled us to make progress in correcting Dieter's problems. Dieter is a 7 year old Doberman who is the sweetest, most loving, funny dog ---- but --- he is very hyperactive, has a very high prey drive where he has pulled us down when he gets a scent, continuously jumps on us and visitors, and barks when anything moves or there is a sound. What Alison has taught us in dog behavior and training really makes sense and is surprisingly simple. We have had only two lessons so far, yet Dieters progress is remarkable. We and Dieter still need a lot of training with Alison and we know it will take a lot of baby steps over time. We couldn't be happier that we tried Alison and BarkBusters. Permalink
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Matt and Dea J Portland, Oregon | February 09 2015
We absolutely observed noticeable results. Hazel is still learning and we still need to work on her separation anxiety but it will come with time. We love the no food reward approach and non-physical. Works well! Very interesting and great conversation piece. It will be good for all of our dogs, not just Hazel. Permalink
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Allison D Canby, Oregon | February 09 2015
Dick explained things very well. Dick was awesome. He made the training fun and easy. I highly recommend Dick as a trainer. Money well spent! Permalink
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Sandi S Winston Salem, North Carolina | February 09 2015
Sammie was barking, scratching at door & following me everywhere. After, Sammie is not barking, staying and listening and also staying in his crate. Amy is an amazing trainer. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Amy : Sammie was very stressed upon seeing visitors and especially when his owner left him even for a few seconds. He had previously hurt himself to get out of his crate. Sammie responded immediately to the training and relaxed. Both his owner and I were so happy to see him finally relax and not worry about her leaving the house or visitors coming to the door. To completely remove his stress will take time, but he is making amazing progress!
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Toni W Doylestown, Pennsylvania | February 09 2015
I met Pete from Bark Busters 5 years ago. I was selling my house and moving into an apartment with 50 units in the building. My dog Leia, whom I had recently gotten from my cousin, was 10 years old and never trained. She was the alpha and did what she wanted when she wanted. She barked constantly and attacked other dogs. Pete came to my house and worked with Leia. My family marveled at the change in her. When an issue arose, Pete visited us again and solved the problem. You need to follow through with Pete’s suggestions and be consistent. Incidentally, the people in my building love Leia and look forward to seeing her. Leia has a nervous stomach, and when she’s upset or worried, she vomits. When I go on vacation I leave her with Pete and Wendi because I know she will get the loving care she needs. I wouldn’t be able to go away if I had to board her anywhere else. Leia is family, and I need to know that she is well cared for and safe. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety
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Amy O Naples, Florida | February 09 2015
Very thorough background to Bark Busters technique and insight to dog behaviors resulted in immediate response. I was very pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. This was easy to do and fun interaction with dog. I have already recommended you to friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Trainer note from Colin and June : Lovely spirited collie mix.
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Jonas and Julie H West Des Moines, Iowa | February 08 2015
Simple, common sense rules to follow to help our dog become successful. We saw results immediately! Permalink
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MATILDA C STATEN ISLAND NY, New York | February 08 2015
My training with Rob was great We really learned a lot about our dog and what we were doing wrong. He helped us understand Lucy and also helped us understand how to deal with our dog. We are all much better for it and very happy with Lucy. She is doing great and has become a great joy to be around. Thanks to Robert. He did an excellent job. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Jumping up
Trainer note from Robert : Thanks, Matilda. It was great meeting you guys. Lucy is beautiful. I love that puppy. You're doing a great job but give me a call if you need me.
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Carolyn F West Des Moines, Iowa | February 08 2015
Thank you so much to Deb Boswell for her helpful training and information. Chance had bitten me so many times I was terrified of him. Thanks to Deb, we now have a pet we are proud to have in our home. Permalink
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