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John C Fernandina Beach, Florida | July 30 2013
Linda is the best trainer we've ever met. She is also a wonderfull person. The training methods are so effective. It is like a miracle! Permalink
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Megan & Jeremy S Denver, Colorado | July 30 2013
After just two visits, we have noticed a remarkable change in Rocky's behavior. We were at the end of our rope trying to deal with his aggressiveness towards people in the house and also with other animals. Using the techniques Scott taught us, we are well on the way to having a well behaved furry friend. Thank you thank you, Scott! Permalink
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S M Weymouth, Massachusetts | July 30 2013
My husband and I have a beautiful English bulldog named George. She (yes, she) is a great dog except for her absolute insistence of jumping on everyone who comes through our door. In addition to that, she was pulling me every which way when she and I would go for a walk. We tried numerous Internet sites for training tips but nothing seemed to help. I happened to find Barkbusters info and thought an one on one training situation might be the answer. The patience and expertise that Paulette showed during the training session, gave us effective tools that we were able to put into place immediately. Our dog is now stress less and even more well behaved than before. Now that I think about it, we're mellow too! Paulette is a fantastic trainer that we would recommend in a heartbeat. Permalink
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Lynne L
Lynne L North Royalton, Ohio | July 30 2013
Betsy and Kathy, along with Bark Busters have changed my our lives! My little Havanese, Eli, was out of control. As a teacher, I know the importance of education and Betsy and Kathy are all about it. The 3 hours spent the first day educated not only my dog, but me as well. I learned so much about how to communicate with Eli and to establish myself as the leader. I had no idea what I was doing, but working right along side of Kathy, I quickly learned how to work with my dog. By the end of the first day, I saw marked improvement in Eli and his behavior. They even educated me as to the best food for dogs and they had research to support it. I switched to raw food from our natural foods pet store and he LOVES it! Kathy and Betsy customized the training to fit my needs and work on the challenging areas. I've been to other training classes, but this one on one education and support clearly outshines ANY other training. Before Bark Busters, Eli would lunge and charge at any person or dogs as he thought he had to protect us. NOW, he barks but stops with my command and it's truly amazing. Kathy even made calls to me after our first meeting to answer any questions. On their second visit they brought their dog, Starr and I was amazed at how well Eli did with her. I learned even more that day and know that this would not have been possible if it wasn't for Kathy and Betsy. Their fee is miniscule in relation to the satisfaction you will find with the personalized training and their support and expertise. Your lives will improve by taking the first step and giving them a call! As I said, they changed our lives! Permalink
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Chrys N Bronx, New York | July 30 2013
Immediate results!!! Mark was a wonderful teacher. Mini is a sweet & very cooperative dog now. Permalink
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Donna S Knoxville, Maryland | July 30 2013
What great training I received from John and Maxine. I really learnt a lot about how to deal with my dog Buddy. They are great to work with and are super nice people. If you have a trouble dog be sure to call them. It is really worth the money, they love and understand dogs and really help you learn how to do it yourself. thanks again to Maxine and John and making my life and Buddys' so much better. Permalink
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Kristy C Palm Bay, Florida | July 30 2013
This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Pam came in and in one session I saw growth in both of my dogs. Whether I called between sessions for advice or had Pam to the house it wad an amazing turn around for my dogs. There is no more anxiety. One of my dogs would chew couches while I was gone and after Pam showed me how to become the alpha on the house there us no more of the that! It was very with the time and money. Thank you so much Pam for changing our lives! Permalink
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Debbie J Clackamas, Oregon | July 30 2013
Dick's presentation is excellent. He's very patient in explaining. Some great results! I'm pleasantly surprised how effective it is. Dick does a great job making it enjoyable. We have felt the time was well spent. We look forward to the recall testing next month. Permalink
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Larry S Leesburg, Virginia | July 30 2013
We adopted Daisy (boxer/hound mix) from a rescue organization. She was a good dog inside the house but horrible when we tried to walk her. Rabbits, squirrels and deer triggered her prey instinct. It is hard to describe her vigorousness and perseverance (pulling and jumping for nearly a block) when she saw prey. We were ready to return her. My wife called Bark Busters and Mark came out on a Thursday. We had arranged with the rescue to return her that Saturday. Mark's success in calming Daisy's response to prey was incredible. Daisy walked like a different dog. Thursday evening I emailed the rescue group and told them we were keeping her. We still have her and are glad we do. Mark saved our dog for us. Permalink
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Jayson T Maumee, Ohio | July 30 2013
Cheryl helped us to be able to enjoy our dog, so that our dog started out a wild child, and after the training ended a gentleman. Permalink