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bob and Cindy E Ormond Beach FL, Florida | July 28 2013
The immediate changes Linda taught us are simply amazing! The bad behaviors were corrected by her on one visit and are still gone. I feel so empowered and love my babies even more. I can't thank you enough Linda!! Permalink
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Anne G
Anne G Milford, Connecticut | July 27 2013
I was at a loss with what to do and Bark Busters has given me hope and my dog has had significant improvement over a relatively short period of time. I would be highly frustrated and exhausted without Bark Busters. Permalink
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Linda P Southbury, Connecticut | July 27 2013
This is the first time owning a dog. Richard is very patient and professional. His tips and techniques have proven results. Each session is very productive. Results have been cumulative. Lexie is 6 years old and I adopted her 5 months ago. Lots of untraining or retraining needed. Very pleased with the progress. Neighbors have seen results and commented. Permalink
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Johanna and Michael K
Johanna and Michael K New Haven, Connecticut | July 26 2013
Richard has been patient with us including our two young teens. He has been patient and persistent reminding us again and again, of the correct ways to trained, until we learn, and then our dog learns. Permalink
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Robin S Missouri City, Texas | July 26 2013
Pat was great answering questions when I called Bark Busters. Thank you for the great training. I'm very surprised how quickly our dogs responded. Thanks again! Permalink
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Judy R Travelers Rest, South Carolina | July 26 2013
Gracie (a 5 yr. old mini schnauzer) came to me 2 years ago as a rescue dog. Overall she was a very friendly, well behaved dog. But she had two problem areas - barking and pulling on the leash when walking. She would bark at anything and everything. And the pulling was so bad that I got tendonitis in my shoulder! After Uncle Larry's first visit the barking had almost come to a complete stop. A friend visiting after our first training session commented on how quiet my house was! Gracie and I are working on the walking on the leash, and she is so much better already (it's only been two weeks since Uncle Larry's first visit!). Once I learned how to be in charge, Gracie picked up on it like she knew that's how it was supposed to be. We both now enjoy our daily walks. I would highly recommend Bark Busters to anyone! No matter how big or small the problem is - don't wait! You will be amazed at how fast and how well your dog will respond to Uncle Larry's training methods! Thank you Larry! Permalink
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Ben and Pauli C LA, California | July 24 2013
We have always had "rescue dogs," and they have all been good-tempered and reasonably well-behaved, so we never thought about special training. And then along came Shelby. Shelby is a Silky Terrier who came to us as a two-year-old, and although he is a sweet little guy, he was not a good dog. He had lived alone in a backyard kennel most of his young life, and did not focus his attention on us very much. He enjoyed affection, but he was not at all concerned with pleasing us. He barked at every little noise, jumped on people, and didn't come when he was called. He was completely exasperating, and our other two dogs were picking up his bad habits. Our veterinarian recommended Bark Busters, and in one aftemoon, we learned how to take control of our dogs, our lives, and our household. The transformation in Shelby in that first training session was incredible - in the blink of an eye he became a different dog. We are still in the first weeks of training, but all three dogs have learned to pay close attention to our instructions. In fact, their response has been so enthusiastic that it seems as if our dogs had been waiting for us to learn how to take charge! Although Shelby was very cute and sweet, I had started to dislike him because of the disruption he caused. Now I look at him with greater affection, because he is no longer a wild, exasperating little creature disrupting our home. What a difference! When our friends come to visit, they cannot believe the change. A knock on the front door used to be followed by an extended period of dogs barking and jumping while we tried to greet our guests over the chaos. Now the dogs bark briefly and sit down. Of course, "dog training" is actually "people training." Ray and Niki started by explaining the reasons dogs act the way they do, and based on that understanding, they showed us how to change our behavior toward our dogs. The training is gentle, basic, and easy to understand. We treat our dogs with the same love and affection as always, but now we know how to let the dogs know what the rules are, and our dogs seem happier and more secure because they understand the boundaries. Bark Busters training has changed all our lives for the better. The dogs are "tuned in" and our household is becoming more peaceful each day. We are so grateful to Ray and Niki, and recommend Bark Busters to all our friends. Permalink
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Beth H Norristown, Pennsylvania | July 24 2013
Jeri sat down to explain the Bark busters training techniques and was very clear and easy to understand. Nash immediately responded to being told to sit and stay when following through doorways. We would not consider any training that was not positive and natural, so this was a good fit for us. I have already told several other dog owners about our experience and have recommended checking it out for themselves. Permalink
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Sharon P Coventry, Pennsylvania | July 24 2013
Jeri was very good at explaining the techniques. Muffin is a calmer and much happier dog. Since Muffin was 5 years old we were not sure she would take to the training. We are very pleased and Jeri was very helpful! Muffin is doing so well! Permalink
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Cindy M West Norriton, Pennsylvania | July 24 2013
Jeri absolutely explained the training techniques. Jeri you are awesome! I saw immediate results with walking. Bella did well. I learned new techniques that made a lot of sense. I appreciate your time and so does Bella. Jeri is very professional, patient and sweet. You are a great person. Bella and I can't wait for our next lesson. Permalink
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