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Honolulu, Hawaii | June 06 2013
Donna is fantastic to work with - as a former client herself, she understands the difficulties and hesitations you have as an owner, and is able to both empathize and steel you against problems you'll have. She's warm but no-nonsense. Moreover, since working with her, our two dogs (twin Maltese-Yorkshire sisters) have been markedly more amenable and peaceful. They're happier, calmer and no longer fight with each other. We'd started avoiding certain situations that we thought would trigger them, and Donna helped us to help them overcome those issues. Permalink
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Cape Coral, Florida | June 05 2013
It works! Madeline is much happier and relaxed. Permalink
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Crest Hill, Illinois | June 04 2013
Our trainer was easy going and John made it very easy to understand what is needed and what is going on with our dog. The dog showed improvement. My results of learning the techniques were slower than the dog's. After John left, the techniques were already working! We found the training to be very educational and fun at the same time. Once you have the training elements, it's up to you to have the outcome your are looking for. John made it easy to understand what we needed to do. Me being a mom, it's just like teaching a child patience and following through with rules and expectations and they learn to trust you. Permalink
Minooka, Illinois | June 04 2013
John explained everything very thoroughly. He took his time and answered all of our questions. We absolutely noticed results right away. We were thrilled to see the difference after our initial meeting with John and look forward to continuing with the techniques he demonstrated. John proved to us both that dogs can be trained without bribery and punishment. The training experience was enjoyable. John related to our family very well. We 100% loved everything about this program and our very excited to apply what we learned and be able to enjoy our dog Sam even more. Permalink
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Braceville, Illinois | June 04 2013
John is wonderful. He did a great job explaining the techniques and made them easy to understand and follow. We saw an improvement at the first lesson. Permalink
Wilmington, Illinois | June 04 2013
Our dog trainer's explanations of why dogs act the way they do was so interesting and eye opening. Seeing the dogs waiting for my permission to greet someone at the door within the first training session was amazing! John was very fun to work with and showed much passion for what he does. I have already recommended John to a few friends. Permalink
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Joliet, Illinois | June 04 2013
Our dog Harley was a little more under control by the end of the first session, but we have a lot of work to do. The training was very interesting! I didn't realize all of the things we were doing wrong. We can't wait for our next session! Permalink
Braidwood, Illinois | June 04 2013
John did a great job explaining the techniques and why we should do it this way. We did notice results and also we realized some of the things we were doing wrong and how often we seemed to do them. We were pleased with Bark Busters natural training techniques. We wanted a way to train our two dogs without fear and without losing their personalities. We are working on the training techniques every day. My husband and I were very impressed with John. We try to take in all the information he gave us. We feel that once we continue working on the basic training exercises he gave us we would definitely call him again for additional training. Permalink
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Morris, Illinois | June 04 2013
Our dog trainer, John Sullivan, was very personable and our Boxer Findley immediately bonded with him. He gave us hope and confidence we were beginning to have doubt about. Permalink
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Lockport, Illinois | June 04 2013
The training techniques were easy to understand and implement. We are seeing big changes in our dog after just a couple of days. We would recommend John Sullivan and Bark Busters to our friends and family. Permalink