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Lockport, Illinois | June 04 2013
John was very detailed in his explanation of the dog training techniques. Bella was responding to some of the commands (eight week old puppy) on day one. We have John coming out for Lifetime Support. I am confident our goals for our new puppy will be met. Permalink
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Naples, Florida | June 04 2013
The Bark Buster method makes sense and is effective. Permalink
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Madison, Virginia | June 04 2013
We highly recommend Bark Busters and especially Alison Wilson. Although we had been owners of labs and chesapeake bay retrievers, we were not prepared for the socialization needed for an Old English Bulldog. Thanks to Alison's guidance and expert knowledge we saw immediate results the first day. Our bulldog has become an important member of our family and our grandchildren love to play with him. Permalink
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Stoughton, Wisconsin | June 01 2013
Our 2 year old Yorkiepoo, Grizzly, was very hyper and would freak out and bark loudly when he saw people he didn't recognize. The final straw was when he nipped at a neighbor, and we knew something had to be done. Right off the bat, our first impression of Greg was that he was encouraging and enthusiastic and really seemed to love his job. He was confident that he could help us rein in Grizzly's aggressiveness, and boy was he right. Within hours of Greg leaving, Grizzly's demeanor had completely changed, and he was listening to us when previously he would be totally indifferent to our commands. So much of his approach is training us to train the dog; teaching us about how important consistency is (dogs are incredibly consistent)and how the dynamic of our house was affecting Grizzly's behavior. Although he's still an active and excited dog, he is more obedient and we as owners are now empowered to influence his behavior rather than let him control the house. Thanks Greg! Permalink
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Roselle, Illinois | May 31 2013
I have two Havanese that were both having some behavior issues. I called Bark Busters and was so pleased with Christine. I had purchased a new puppy and I was having problems with housebreaking Izzy.. I was just about ready to give the pup away when Bark Busters came highly recommend. I was fortunate to get Christine Guth as my trainer. Christine helped me tremoundously with this problem and Izzy is an amazing 17 month old well behaved dog. When Christine started working with Izzy, we noticed that my 4 year old was having issues that I had been ignoring. Chris, at no added expense, help me learn how to take the lead and now I have two great dogs.....thanks to Christine!!!!!!! I am still working everyday and the results are amazing.....just watching and listening to Christine made my life with the girls so easy. I am a very satisfied client. Permalink
Charleston, South Carolina | May 30 2013
When training a dog, the real training is with the owner. James from Bark Busters showed me everything I needed to know in order to help my Aussie become a much better dog. She is aggressive with other dogs, and even though she will probably never be friendly with other dogs, I've learned how to control her when we are in those situations. With the other training tips that James shared, she is listening to me and is beginning to realize that I am the pack leader. Lilly is 8 years old and I've had many trainers over the years work with me, but Bark Busters approach made it so much easier to calm her down. I really thought she was too old to change her ways, but it is possible to train a dog at any age. I live in an apartment complex, so there are many dogs. Everyone is amazed at how Lilly reacts to their dogs now. It's not perfect yet, but as I continue to work with her, she gets better every day. Permalink
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Naples, Florida | May 28 2013
Bark Busters is very easy to follow. Patrick Logue used many visual and physical examples. We saw a BIG change! Winnie is now a "wonder dog." Bark Busters makes sense. Permalink
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Naples, Florida | May 25 2013
My puppy's behavior changed immediately and he now has a new respect for me - his mama! :-) I learned many interesting tidbits that I didn't know about dog behavior, and I would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
Cicero, Illinois | May 24 2013
I had a "land shark" GSD puppy before Connie came to the rescue! He would nip and "talk back" to us when we would try to correct him. Connie showed us how to eliminate that behavior in a matter of minutes and now he is a well behaved 5 month old puppy with no more nipping issues. Amazing overnight transformation! She really knows her craft and is a wealth of information when it comes to reading dog behavior and what their needs are. I am so happy that I found Barkbusters and Connie! Our household is very manageable now! If you put in the time and study and take in everything that the trainer tells you, it really works! With consistency and a good trainer like Connie to point out what you are doing right and wrong, you can't fail. Thanks Connie!!!!! (attached pic of our two "babies" Xena and Ares age 9 yrs and 5 months) Permalink
Fenton, Michigan | May 24 2013
We were really pleased with the calm techniques. More of the training was us as people, so Titus knows who to follow. We feel more in control of our dog and he is a lot more relaxed in his "follow our lead" position. Our household seems calmer because we are not inconsistent with our dog. Very detailed presentation, thorough material followed by practicing with Titus was great. Absolutely noticeable results by the end of our first lesson. We appreciate the techniques and Maril demonstrating consistency and patience. We appreciate the follow-up visits and the phone calls we can make during this process. It all helps keep us on track with the reminders. Permalink