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Bloomingdale | June 22 2012
We learned so much about dog behavior and to treat a dog as a dog and not as if the dog is a "human". I was AMAZED at how our dog responded and obeyed. The training makes sense based on the dog/wolf pack. The "BAH" word is MAGIC! Who would have thought it would work? We have recommended Bark Busters and our friends are now using Bark Busters! We humans needed to be trained and our dog rehabilitated! Permalink
New Lenox | June 21 2012
Noticeable improvement after the 1st visit and all subsequent visits. Great follow up and suggestions. We are very pleased and impressed. Permalink
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Fort Myers | June 21 2012
Excellent! 5 Out of 5! Permalink
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Punta Gorda | June 21 2012
Bark Busters all makes just so much sense! At the end of one, two hour lesson we saw such an excellent change in our Charlie's behavior, I just wanted to kiss Patrick! Charlie is doing much better and we are continuing to work with him everyday. Thank you Bark Busters! Permalink
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McMinnville | June 21 2012
Doing every day training, it is complete. I realized that I have to be consistent and not slack off. Even though I have hesitated on a particular method or item, overall it works and it appears Tucker is where I want him to be. Tucker and I have a closer bond and relationship. Permalink
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Keith J Greeley, Colorado | June 21 2012
We had four dogs and adopted a fifth female. She reigned terror on our other dogs, especially the other females, to the point where one of them ended up at the vet's getting stitched back up. I am so pleased with Bark Busters! All five dogs live together in harmony and we did not need to forfeit Jasmine back to the dog rescue where we got her! Barbara told us we can not let our guard down for a time, but we don't need to separate the dogs and can all be in the same room together without fights. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Puppy management, Sibling rivalry
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Fort Myers | June 20 2012
Excellent! 5 Out of 5! Our little Wee Willy no longer chases after bikes, dump trucks or anything else that moves. He no longer barks his head off when people stop by. All just after one, two hour lesson. Thank you Patrick and thank you Bark Busters. Permalink
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Ormond Beach | June 20 2012
So much to take in but easy to understand. It was hard to believe that you actually see results after the first session. Gentle loving techniques. Linda made it fun for me too! Permalink
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Lighthouse Point | June 19 2012
Thank you so so so so much! You're company has given me such a sense of peace and I can really notice the change in my Tebow! Permalink
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Naples | June 19 2012
We were amazed by the changes in our dog within the first few minutes. Permalink