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Yorktown Heights | September 29 2011
It was amazing how quickly Rookie responded to the training. I would recommend Bark Busters with a very young dog so you can start off right. Permalink
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Northville | September 29 2011
Loved the visuals! Maril is very patient and thorough with her techniques and training. With consistency I'm getting noticeable results. I recommend Bark Busters to my neighbors. Permalink
Rockville | September 28 2011
Our new rescue Yorkie was such a challenge that it affected the quality of our lives. We toughed it out for four months until our family dog started to act out too-it was time for the pros. Glenda Cohen with Bark Busters has helped us prioritize areas that needed immediate attention and we've seen results in every area she's tackled to date-everything is so much more manageable and getting better every day. Her commitment, professionalism and results have made us so happy we chose Bark Busters. She really is the "dog whisperer" we needed to help bring peace and order into our home! Permalink
Madison Heights | September 28 2011
THANK YOU SO MUCH! [Jack] is on his way to being an AKC Canine Good Citizen! Permalink
Rochester Hills | September 28 2011
AMAZING IMPROVEMENT before the end of the first training session! John made the training make so much sense and easy to follow. The training is fun! The techniques make training easier and more relaxed for us and our puppy. I've already recommended it to several people! Permalink
West Bloomfield | September 28 2011
GREAT RESULTS and AWESOME TRAINERS! Very patient and enjoyable! Permalink
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Elmwood Park | September 28 2011
Christine explained the training techniques very clearly and thoroughly. We saw immediate results and with each session Coco's behavior improved. We were very pleased with the training techniques. Chris made the training sessions very interesting and enjoyable for both humans and dog. We would highly recommend Bark Busters to anyone who needs help with their dog. Chris is an excellent therapist. We feel very fortunate to have her helping us with Coco. Permalink
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Elk Grove Village | September 28 2011
Chris is knowledgeable and experienced. We know exactly what to work on after each visit. My husband was not present at training but he noticed a difference after one lesson. It works very well. My dog was very out of control. I would've given him away without this training. It was our privilege and pleasure to work with Chris. She is amazing! I already have recommended Bark Busters to a neighbor who saw the car with the logo. Great idea to attract new customers. My dog has a strong personality (pack leader). I will be using the techniques I learned throughout Teddy's life. Thanks to Chris I can enjoy Teddy and be proud to say he's my dog. Throughout this training I've realized mistakes I made training other dogs I've owned in the past. Thank you Bark Busters for having an amazing employee named Chris Guth! Permalink
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Buchanan | September 27 2011
Once Mark explained the psychology of the pack it was easier to work toward training Rylie with non-aggressive methods. Permalink
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Hastings-on-Hudson | September 27 2011
Clear, concise and logical support. The techniques formed a coherent pattern. Mark did an excellent job of convincing us of the merits of his system, Veinte benefited. Interesting and learning experience for me. In my opinion some solutions are marginally effective and more trouble than they are worth. Provided us with a problem solving mechanism we did not have. Overall a successful process that produced results. Permalink