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Amanda R
Amanda R New Canaan, Connecticut | June 06 2014
Mike is an excellent dog trainer. Within the first hour of his arrival I saw a change in our two dogs. Mike takes the time to thoroughly explain the mindset of a dog and how it directly applies to his unique approach to dog training and behavior management. He made sure that we understood everything as he explained it and was eager to answer any and all questions we had. Mike makes sure that he does not leave without the owners understanding what it is they must do with their dogs in order to see improvement. This strategic guidance has helped us to see improvement in our dogs behavior in just two days. Needless to say, we are extremely pleased with the services Mike provided us with. We highly recommend his services as a knowledgeable and caring dog trainer! Permalink
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Shana P Enfield, Connecticut | June 06 2014
Our dog was constantly barking and jumping at everything that he saw outside. After our first training session with Scot, our dogs' behavior improved dramatically. There is so much less stress in our house now that Scot has helped us to understand our dogs' behavior. His methods are incredibly effective and positive changes happened very quickly. I would recommend Scot to any dog owner who needs help with a difficult behavior! Permalink
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Jaime L
Jaime L Mount Kisco, New York | June 06 2014
Mark was excellent in helping us see Quincy's behavioral problems and gave us all of the tools needed to get him trained and obedient! We have a lot of work still to do with Quincy, but it is great knowing that Mark is there for anything we need. Quincy's behavior has gotten much better already in just two weeks and he is responding quite well to the training techniques. I highly recommend Mark Lieberman and Bark Busters!! Permalink
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Linda G Richmond, Texas | June 06 2014
I think we (the owners) needed the training more than our pup. Good tips for us. Permalink
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Stacey and Larry K Stamford, Connecticut | June 05 2014
Now we know why Mike gets the great reviews that he does! He taught us what we could do to do to help our German Shepherd, Leo, not feel like he needed to be protecting us at all times. His methods were simple, effective and totally made sense! Mike's an honest guy who clearly takes pride in what he does. After a short time of implementing his methods, we are seeing amazing results! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Pulling
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Johannah H Naples, Florida | June 05 2014
Excellent - all of our questions were addressed with clear logical answers that were then demonstrated by working with the dog. Permalink
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Joe P Danbury, Connecticut | June 05 2014
Thanks for the visit and training help the other day. Already, Moby is a better-behaved dog. I have had several opportunities to use the training tools inside and outside. The delivery man came today and I stood outside . He, for the most part, stayed in the stay position, even when the he was leaving. He wasn't allowed to show any aggression, jumping, etc. I am more confident that he will get better now. Thanks again! Permalink
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Debra M Shorewood, Illinois | June 04 2014
In continuing to work with my dog Sascha, that night and the next day, I noticed a change in behavior. I know I am the one who learned new tricks and that I have to be consistent with my rules and expectations. I would recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety
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Peggy & Frank T Cape Coral, Florida | June 04 2014
Patrick did a great job explaining the techniques and at the same time made sure we understood. Annie was more receptive to our commands. We were very pleased with the natural training techniques. I believe in the techniques but also realize I need to be patient and consistent. Permalink
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Dawn B Moultrie, Georgia | June 04 2014
Thanks to Bark Busters I now have my big baby back. A 100 lb GSD would want to eat you for supper and go after anything or anyone that he even thought of coming he could care less and is loving all the love he gets...friends are now able to enjoy him too without fearing him. ALL b/c of BB. Wish I found Leigh Ann a year ago! Permalink
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