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Henderson | September 23 2011
We found the training techniques very educational and interesting. Plus our dog responded to these techniques immediately! I think the natural techniques that Bark Busters uses are the best part of this program. It was a wonderful experience for us and our Bailey. We are telling everyone about Bark Busters. Christine was fantastic! She taught us so much and Bailey really responded well. All we can say is "WOW." Permalink
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Pelham | September 22 2011
Mark is a wonderful trainer of both dogs and (especially) people. I wish the sessions were 30 minutes longer. Extremely intuitive training methods that are humane and effective. We are so glad to have Mark. Our understanding of our dogs is infinitely improved. Permalink
Jacksonville | September 22 2011
We just cannot say enough wonderful things about working with Linda. We originally contacted Linda in anticipation of the birth of our twin daughters and have been working with her through getting our dog ready for the newborns to training her to deal with crawling infants. Not only does our golden retriever (Charlotte) respond to the tips and techniques Linda teaches but we are left feeling empowered that we can continue with the training in her absence. Linda is patient, encouraging, inquisitive, and truly committed to results and successes. It has been a truly fantastic experience learning from Linda. We recommend her without reservation. Permalink
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Orland Park | September 21 2011
Vicky was very patient and genuine. Amazing!!! Never thought that our dog would change; have tried everything. I was pleased with the natural training techniques--relieved by no touching--only with voice training. I found the training to be very informative for me and fun for my dog. Bernie has changed in 2 sessions more than she did in countless obedience classes. Vicky is great and it was a pleasure in our sessions to work with someone who really cares about dogs. Permalink
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Mokena | September 21 2011
The training techniques were explained very well. Vicky is an excellent trainer. I observed results by the end of the training. Dog was paying attention. Approach seems to work well. I found the training to be interesting; much more than I imagined it would be. Training method seems to work well. Wonderful from dog and human perspective. Permalink
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Royal Oak | September 20 2011
Maril gave us the three voice tones for communicating which are very effective. The dogs immediately changed their behavior and understood and responded appropriately. I like that we were taught to not use our hands for correction and use our voice instead. My fiancé and I were amazed at how much we learned about how dogs think and act and saw how easy it can be to change / re-direct behavior. I loved how we were taught to "speak and understand" dog. Now I am able to understand what my dogs are thinking when I communicate and what their responses are really saying. Maril was very good with the dogs. The dogs and I already have a better relationship and now they see me more as their leader. Excellent scores in every category. Permalink
St. Augustine | September 20 2011
Linda addressed all concerns quickly and effectively and left great written instructions! Permalink
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Jacksonville | September 20 2011
I had a shoe sitting in the middle of the floor for over an hour that Abby did not touch...Wow! This should be called Bark Busters Home Owners training...LOL. We definitely saw a lot of progress in just 2 hours. Permalink
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Montgomery Village | September 19 2011
Jim was great with Rajah, we were very surprised at well Rajah responded to him, and at the end of the lesson we could see a huge difference already. The advice and tips Jim gave us will be extremely helpful and we cannot wait to start implementing them. Permalink
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Mt. Airy | September 19 2011
I was very surprised with how quickly the Bark Buster's method got our dog under control. He responded immediately. The best part it is a method we can use at home. Permalink