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Naples | September 04 2011
Patrick Logue with Bark Busters was knowledgeable and the results were immediate for several things. Ella, my Golden Retriever, needs work with leash pulling, but with Bark Busters and their techniques, we are on our way! Time flew during the two hour lesson and I absolutely saw results by the end of the lesson. Permalink
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Naples | September 04 2011
It was interesting for both me and my dog Emma - She seemed to really listen and understand. Permalink
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Naples | September 04 2011
The simplicity and understanding of dogs and their behavior and correction is very impressive. I truly believe that my training as much as my dog's has saved her life and given us a stronger bond. Permalink
Perrysburg | September 03 2011
Cheryl started working with us in February 2010. We have two bloodhound sisters who turned two-years-old in August 2011. Anyone who knows about bloodhounds realizes they are very playful, happy, strong, and STUBBORN! Violet and Vicki are crazy about Cheryl BUT they know that they had better listen to her. Cheryl has worked with the girls on all kinds of issues starting with GETTING THEIR ATTENTION, sit, stay, come, down, etc. Perhaps more importantly, Cheryl has worked with us and our son, Andrew. We were not the best pet owners in that we were too permissive with the girls. Cheryl has been a Godsend for us. The three of us recommend her highly. So do Violet and Vicki!! Permalink
Moorpark | September 03 2011
Ray Reyes really knows his profession! Thank you for the great work you did for myself and our puppy Barkley. You are extremely knowledgeable, patient and reliable. Every chance I get, I tell people how great you are. You provided me with a great foundation on how to handle Barkley, taught me how to become the alfa and got him to respond correctly; the way he should. After one session, Barkley was crate trained, more obedient and much better behaved. Many Thanks Permalink
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Mt. Vernon | September 02 2011
Within about 15 minutes of Mark being at our house Shelby's barking stopped! We have already recommended Mark! Mark was great! He addressed every issue we had! Permalink
Orange Park | September 02 2011
I absolutely recommend Bark Busters! Very well explained and easy to understand. Permalink
Ponte Vedra Beach | September 02 2011
Linda was very clear & concise. She explained how I had given up my role and the puppy was assuming leadership. It was amazing, really. It was comfortable to follow as it is naturally humane and does not resort to punishment. Linda was great--firm yet loving like any good "parent" should be! I already have recommended Bark Busters. I was ready to give my rescue puppy away because with a bad back (mine) her energy was more than I could handle. Linda helped me regain control and saved a relationship from ruin. Permalink
St. Augustine | September 02 2011
Linda is an excellent trainer and helped us greatly! Permalink
Englewood | September 01 2011
For the first time in a while we had a pleasant evening with Captain and the family! This is a great way to train your dog! Thank you! Permalink