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Katherine F
Katherine F Hobe Sound, Florida | May 24 2014
Addie is a 5 year old Golden & White Long Hair Chihuahua. She is tiny and ohhh so cute! Everyone that visits our home or we meet during travel wants to say hello and pet her. Addie is (was) not so fond of the extended affection! After our last flight from Michigan to Florida I decided I had to find a solution to her barking and aggression toward anyone who would talk to me. I searched "Dr. Google" and found Bark Busters. I called and Mary came to my home the very next day! She met with me for 2 1/2 hours noting every concern. I then introduced Addie to her. Within 30 minutes, Addie was no longer barking, coming to me when I call her, and walking at my side on a leash. I am truly amazed at the results we had after just one visit. The next week, with all of the tools and a customized written schedule in hand I continued Mary's "strongly suggested" training tips, not allowing Addie to jump on the couch, sleep on my bed :( or initiate play. The result - our roles have reversed! I am now the pack leader of our home!! Please Call Mary (and tell everyone you know ) if you are having a role reversal with your pet. She truly has a gift of resetting the pet/owner relationship. We are happy and more relaxed and I know You will be too! Permalink
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Rona S Stamford, Connecticut | May 24 2014
Thank G-d for Mike. We bought a dog who eventually will by a pet therapy dog. After a lot of research I picked a breed that the breeder told me would be a breeze in terms of training, listening, have the picture. I am recovering from a chronic illness, the breeder swore Perfect MatcH! NOT! I love our dog. But she has become increasingly a barker,jumper, hyper,experiencing separation anxiety to name a few of the behaviors this breeder said this easy going dog would not have. Being proactive she was enrolled in classes before we had gotten her. She is now 16 months and she and we are frustrated and confused. Doing everything trainer are telling us, but things haven't worked. Until Micheal. Within 20 minutes of Micheal being with us, she and we began to change. His patience with us and limit setting with her already made a more peaceful home. His explanations were clear, precise logical and caring. He also made us take ownership for what we are responsible for in term of her behaviors and ours. We have work to do, but we have hope. Is there a Nobel Prize for dog trainers? Permalink
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Jackie R Toledo, Ohio | May 24 2014
Thank you so much for all of the informative info! We are so excited with the progress on just our first session! Can't wait to learn more :) Permalink
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Cheryl Harris H Locust Grove, Georgia | May 24 2014
We were totally impressed with Missy�s response to the training techniques. We were pleased with the natural training techniques and she seemed to be having a good time. Barry explained the techniques and told us examples from other training experiences and then showed us with Missy. We rescued Missy from a shelter at 6 years old, so we did know what training she had. Barry was very observant and showed us some things she already knew. We will definitely recommend Bark Busters to our friends, neighbors, and anyone asking after seeing Missy. Barry and Jessica truly show concern for the well being of animals, which is greatly appreciated by us. Also, we were impressed with the leash and training collar designed by Bark Busters. Permalink
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Tim & Kim G Griffith, Indiana | May 23 2014
Very simple to understand the how and why. Demonstrated each very well. The very 1st time the "bah" command was used to correct it worked. I was pleased that it was so simple and effective. Very pleasing experience. Looking forward to practicing the techniques we learned. Thanks! Permalink
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Chaunna B Port St Lucie, Florida | May 23 2014
Before Mary came for her first visit we had a horrible dog. Life was stressful daily. Our dog would bark consistently at anything going on outside the house, he would attack and ferociously bark guests to where they were scared to come over. He was even so aggressive that he was snapping at my 3yr old and bit my niece while she was over for a birthday party. To say he was bad is wrong - I know now that a lot of it was small things we were doing that reinforced the "bad behavior." Mary helped point them out, created an action plan for correcting them, and in the first visit alone our dog was allowing people in our home without attacks, walking on the leash without pulling, and actively following our instructions. After the second visit, we've corrected bad chewing habits and can even have friends and family over without any issues what so ever. It's only been 3 weeks since we started the training and I was able to walk our dog in to the vets office without a muzzle and he remained well behaved by my side with 3 other dogs in the room and people walking by him - something we were never able to do before. Every day I am continually amazed at how much more peaceful our home is both for our dog and for us. I can not wait for the next visit! Mary is incredible - she doesn't train dogs - she trains people to communicate more effectively with their dog so that we have a happy peaceful home. Permalink
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Fran B Fort Myers, Florida | May 23 2014
I would recommend Bark Busters to any family experiencing behavior issues with their dog. After one lesson, my Yorkie Dante, is a new man! I am looking forward to working with Dante to relieve my stress as well as his. Thank you Bark Busters! Watch our lesson video by cut and pasting the following link: Permalink
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Summer K Shillington, Pennsylvania | May 23 2014
We've met with Don 3 times so far and have noticed a great improvement in Koda's behavior. He is an energetic 1.5 year old pitbull mix. His happiness and energy are at times overwhelming. Leash walking has gotten better and he obeys commands much better. We look forward to more lessons with Don to help build the relationship we desire with Koda. Permalink
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Sue Anne P Hillsboro, Oregon | May 23 2014
Dick is a good teacher. There is a great change in both Rusty and myself! Permalink
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Susan C Lexington, Kentucky | May 23 2014
Kendra was great! I'm a visual learner and she repeatedly modeled the exercises. As a former educational specialist I know what happens to a students progress when you don't do the homework - you don't get results! [Kendra emphasized the importance of doing the daily homework]. Permalink
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