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Denise & Sean M
Denise & Sean M Goodyear, Arkansas | October 18 2013
Michelle spent more than 4 hours with us on our first meeting. She was patient and listened to all we had to say about Axle. While Axle came to us with basic obedience training, we really want to be able to get his CGC certificate. I know with Michelle's guidance, we'll be able to obtain this goal. She really is knowledgeable about dogs and their behavior. We look forward to future sessions with Michelle, as we know we probably need the training more than Axle does! Permalink
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Xenia C Anthem, Arizona | October 18 2013
My Great Dane started to become aggressive a couple months ago.He attacked another dog and bit a few friends and family members not living in my home. My vet recommended Dale at Bark Busters. Dale taught me how to train my dog ! I worked with him along with Dale once a week for a few weeks and he is a happy pleasant dog once again! Grendle has not bitten anyone since our first visit. I am incredibly grateful to Dale and Vikki for their help and continued support. I would definitely recommend them to anyone having issues with their dog.! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Xenia, Beowulf and Grendle Permalink
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Erin M Fort Myers, Florida | October 17 2013
Bark Busters is a step by step easy to understand method. I am amazed how fast Dexter responded. Patrick was very nice and knew what he was training / talking about, very knowledgeable. Permalink
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Denise and Dan F
Denise and Dan F Prospect, Connecticut | October 17 2013
Vickie and Rich are great to work with and have given us needed tools to work on key areas of Duke's training. It is clear that they have a love for animals and that is vital to this training. Permalink
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Darlene W Camas, Washington | October 17 2013
Love the techniques. Debbie knows what she is talking about. Permalink
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Barbara W Pewaukee, Wisconsin | October 16 2013
Nikki did a GREAT job! I felt by the time she left that Pippin and I had learned a great deal. She was clear and concise. Her training has been easy to follow as I work with Pippin these first two weeks...and we are making progress! Permalink
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Liisa E
Liisa E Los Feliz, California | October 16 2013
Marci and Joe are fantastic! I truly appreciate their professionalism and support on teaching me how to provide safe and holistic obedience for my babies. One of my pups had no previous training and wasn't quite potty trained, and the other had aggressive behavior issues. Marci and Joe taught me how to understand life from their perspective, build trust, and communicate to them in their own language. They have been a great support and very understanding of my needs as well. I especially love that with their program, no pup (or owner!) is rushed to learn faster than they can handle. I highly recommend them and already have! Permalink
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Gerard T Castro Valley, California | October 16 2013
Just wanted to thank you for the dog training session today. You were very clear with me and everything you said & did made sense. I've just got to put in the time and make the effort and I'm sure I will be successful at training Rudy. And also I wanted to let you know I had some success using the collar you gave me. On our walk tonight I didn't have to hold on with both hands at all. Just started out slowly, changed direction a few times, grabbed the lady down the street's dog that got loose, came out and "greeted" us (a nice female Irish Setter), returned her to the lady and continued on our walk using a few of the techniques we talked about and there it was. He walked WITH me. A point for me... *:) happy Just thought I'd share that with you. Thanks again and we'll talk to you soon. Permalink
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Art & Helen S Vicksburg, Michigan | October 16 2013
When we first met Pam, my wife and I were a little reluctant on how things were going to work out with Willie or dog. Willie was a dog who liked to jump on us outside and run at us; you might say he had a mind of his own. So Pam instructed us how to approach Willie so we are in control, which works better for us. So the next time Pam came over she saw Willie has improved. So we appreciate her showing us how to become a pack leader. Thank you Pam Permalink
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Mike K Bloomingdale, Illinois | October 15 2013
Chris has done an amazing job helping us out with Lionel, a half pit/lab, one-year-old puppy. At one point, he got scared by a loud noise outside and just flat-out refused to leave the house. In fact we would have to drag him to the backyard even have to go to the bathroom and many for many housebreaking accidents in the house itself. Within a week after the first training sessions there were some important improvements and by week three Lionel became a walking machine (and looking forward to going outside). But to get to that point, Chris emphasized that me my daughter would have to train him on a daily basis and keep her updated with the training. If one technique didn't work, she would suggest another. We were able to call her or text her whenever we had a problem in between our formal sessions. So, keep in mind that you will need to work with your dog a daily basis if you want improvements. The old saying is that dog trainers spend more time training the owners of the dog and that is certainly true. Some of her suggestions didn't seem to make sense up front but in the end we always got great results. You're paying the money, so you should take the experts' advice. I also suggest that you buy the lifetime guarantee program. It is a lot of money up front but I would have spent at least twice that much if I had gone to a trainer with an hourly rate. It is now week four and a half, and Lionel is a joy to live with. But, the training continues for about 20 min. every day. Even my neighbors are commenting what a good walker Lionel is now (when just a few weeks ago refused to even leave the house). Permalink
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