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Deborah B Daniel Island, South Carolina | May 09 2013
Both doggies are doing really good! Very pleased with your simple but effective training methods!! They just needed to know what we would and wouldn't accept. Guess they're smarter than us - Thanks! Permalink
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Louisville | May 08 2013
Andrea is absolutely fantastic! I recommend her to every dog owner I meet who is looking for some help. At first I was hesitant about hiring a trainer at all. But my little black lab mix Karmalita has a very good self esteem as I like to call it and I really needed help to teach her that I was alpha. I purchased the year service and have been thrilled with the results! Andrea is professional, knowledgable and effective! Karma is now the "sweetest thing" as everybody who meets her calls her. Thank you Andrea so much! Permalink
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Susan F Jacksonville, Florida | May 08 2013
James was great! Explained and showed the training techniques I a way that was easy for us to understand. Charlie was a completely compliant dog at the end of the session. Bark busters method is so logical. Charlie understood right from the start who was in charge. Permalink
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Diana F San Diego, California | May 08 2013
When I first got my puppy I knew that I wanted training for him (or actually me) so that i would have a well behaved dog and in turn both of our lives would be less stressful. I hire a trainer to work on your basic dog stuff like walking on a leash, getting accustomed to the crate and he was having separation anxiety. Basically, when I would leave the house he would freak out, barking, howling etcetera, to the point where I received notes from neighbors complaining. The trainer I originally hired simply did not to the trick. Hundreds of dollars spent and although he got a little bit better, but it was not enough. That's when I got a note from my neighbor. At this point, I had become a prisoner of my own home. I literally could not leave my place and leave him there. I was really frustrated... So, I decided I needed to try something different... SOMEONE different... Someone with a different approach. That's when Justin was referred to me.... And my life was forever changed. Justin came to my home at a convenient time for me (which was ASAP) and immediately gave my something new to try. One week later of implementing his exercises... I was FREE!!! My dog no longer has separation anxiety! How do I know this? Easy, I had set up a camera so that I could view him when I was gone, in case he freaked out... NOPE... Nothing. He goes right to sleep for the most part. HUGE lifesaver. Another thing, before Justin, I had a huge playpen overtaking my entire place, not to mention the wee wee pad holder. I told him I wanted to get rid of this stuff and just keep the crate and get him used to going outside (because I live downtown)... That day, the playpen was gone and it has been two weeks since and he is potty trained! Not only that but on our walks, I am leading him instead of him leading me all over the place. Justin really helped me get my life back, my place in order and most important, relieve the anxiety my puppy used to have... I would recommend Justin to anyone for any obedience issues. Permalink
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Monica S Huntersville, North Carolina | May 08 2013
Karen gave us step by step instructions that were easy to follow as well as remember! Bark Busters has a very effective method! Jake responded beautifully. He was actually looking us in the eye by the end of the first lesson! It still requires work on our part, but it is well worth it! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management
Trainer note from Karen : When I met Jake, he was a "wide-open" teenage pup who had "challenge" down to a science! His pet-parents had their work cut out for them! However,they did an amazing job of letting Jake know who was in charge on a level their dog understood. I'm sure they can still expect more challenges, but with consistency, I know they will remain at the top of the pecking order in their home! Good job, guys!!
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Medina | May 07 2013
We were skeptical at first that they could make that big of a difference in one afternoon. But, boy did they show us! Our dog, Rambo, was dog aggressive and barking at strangers, chasing joggers, etc. Kathy and Betsy showed us how to take charge and let Rambo just relax and be a dog. He is much calmer now and listens to correction which he never did before. We highly recommend them to anyone who has a problem with their dog's behavior. Kathy and Betsy will make believers out of you too! Permalink
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Claire M Sugar Land, Texas | May 07 2013
I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly our dogs' behavior changed for the better. It did not take long for the dogs to understand our new communication techniques. I am looking forward to working more with our dogs. Permalink
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Carol F Bowling Green, Ohio | May 07 2013
Cheryl answered all of my questions during the training without impatience. Mozi was tired out by the end. Learned a lot and the repetition was wonderful. Cheryl's great- I'm really inspired that with practice we (I) can do this and Mozi will be an awesome dog! Permalink
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Katie C Security, Colorado | May 07 2013
Bennett seemed like a new dog after the first training session. I don't need treats to "bribe" my dog into behaving. I wish I had invested in this training long ago. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to "fix" my dog's anxiety and unwanted behaviors, I should have called Bark Busters from the start. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety
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Stephenie W Union City, Georgia | May 07 2013
Jessica is an excellent trainer. The techniques they demonstrated yielded immediate results. Our friends and neighbors are amazed at how well our puppy is advancing. Permalink
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