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David P Albuquerque, New Mexico | November 29 2015
The training was very clear and going through the examples really helped to "solidify" things.Both of our dogs seemed to catch on quite quickly. We appreciate how non-violent the training is! Learning these techniques show us how untrained many of our friends' and families' dogs are. Permalink
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Sarah D Rio Rancho, New Mexico | November 29 2015
We were given a lot of information on how to correct problems, and new ideas that we didn't even hear of on the internet or other sources. Puppy seems to be learning and responding better.He is still a puppy so we have to be patient. The trainer helped us understand how to communicate effectively with our dog. We thought it was mainly the puppy but realized we were sending mixed signals. Permalink
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Kellie Ann H Ansonia, Connecticut | November 28 2015
Richard Horowitz thanks for the kennel training tips and guidance. It has been an essential part to the new baby safety for both baby and puppies. It has finally gotten to the point where they ask to go in their kennels at bed time or when they feel stressed out. So happy the puppies have a stress free spot they love. Permalink
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Kate A
Kate A Casa Grande, Arizona | November 28 2015
Kristyn was absolutely wonderful with Ella, my 8 month old miniature poodle. I was struggling with Ella's separation anxiety, along with general obedience. We had gone to puppy training at Pets Mart and left the 6 weeks of classes with Ella only understanding how to sit. She did not return when called, walk politely on her leash, or respect my commands. In addition she would bark all day long while I, a teacher, was at school. Living in an apartment this lead to multiple complaints which were reported by the apartment manager. Kristyn's training was extremely easy to follow and made a great deal of sense. I was treating Ella like a baby and needed to treat her like a dog. I was able to become more firm in my handling of her without resorting to being too rough with her. Corrections were simply growling at her which worked most of the time, if the growl wasn't successful then a clap or a squirt bottle proved sufficient without ever needing to physically handle Ella. Kristyn demonstrated all of her techniques for me first and then let me repeat them after. She also let me continue repeating them until both she and I felt like I was comfortable with the training, even if Ella stressed me as puppies tend to do. Which was rather familiar for me as a teacher as the modeling followed by practice approach. Thankfully, I can say that Ella's separation anxiety is almost completely under control since Kristyn's visit and I haven't gotten any more complaints. In addition she is a complete joy on walks and I received quite a few compliments from friends and family over the holiday on how well behaved she is. She's not perfect, but I couldn't be happier with her behavior and our relationship now. Permalink
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Kimberly O Gaithersburg, Maryland | November 27 2015
I spent three sessions with Glenda to help me with my puppy, Moseley, who is my first ever dog. It was the best money and time I have ever spent. She helped me with jumping, door manners, potty training, pulling on the leash and basic corrective behaviors. What I appreciated most was I never felt judged by her if I was doing something wrong. Moseley had potty training issues (more on that later) that was a challenge and I wasn't sleeping through the night because Moseley wasn't sleeping through the night and I tried some things that worked (kinda) and some things that did not. She understood my frustration, my thought processes even though I was doing things wrong. Most behaviors were fixed LIKE THAT. Moseley completely responded to training and it was a HUGE relief. It was truly amazing. People at the dog park even mentioned how much better he was. It really was amazing how quick everything, but potty training, was fixed. The last session we had we discussed nothing but potty training. Glenda highly recommended that I take him to the vet the next day even though I had an appointment scheduled a week or so later. But I took her advice and it turned out he had a UTI. After the very first dose of meds I gave him, he slept through the night. Unbelievable. He hasn't not slept through the night since and I feel so much better. I hope he does too. Glenda told me that since he was so quick to learning better behaviors that most likely the potty training issues were physical. And she was absolutely right. He's not 1000% potty trained but it's almost there. It's now what I envisioned having a dog should be. I am so happy I hired her and can't thank her enough. Permalink
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Linda M Naugatuck, Connecticut | November 26 2015
Richard went over everything with us. It was been 11 years since we had a puppy and how quickly you forget but Richard helped us remember. Pebbles liked him and is responding well to what he taught us all. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Puppy management
Lindsey S
Lindsey S Hopkins, Michigan | November 25 2015
Pam was so helpful! She really gave us a better understanding of how dogs think! Sable's pack leader mindset makes perfect sense and now I understand why she does certain things and now when she does certain things that before I thought were "naughty" I now realize are just a part of being a dog :) Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Recall, Separation anxiety
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Jennifer K Denver, Colorado | November 25 2015
We just had our 2nd training visit from Scott and we are so impressed with how well and quickly our pup, Sage, has responded. She's a german Shepard mix, 10 months. I had worked with her from 8 weeks old on basic training and she could do the main commands but I was having trouble controlling her "manners" in the house (jumping, barking, etc). We also needed a lot of help with leash control. She just wasn't responding to the training tactics I was trying. We learned from Scott that she thought of herself as the alpha and with some basic commands we had her understanding that she wasn't in control. The first visit we worked on indoor issues, and she's been responding incredibly well, stopped jumping right away, THANK YOU! And it's great to be able to tell/show her when we need her out of our space, she's not perfect with this yet, but it's been a huge improvement and we are still working with her. The second visit concentrated on the leash and especially not pulling/leading. Already impressed with her response! We knew we had a smart dog on our hands and we wanted to get everything under control quickly, especially with a 2 yo in the house and a baby on the way. We love our Sage pup and want her to be apart of all of family activities without being a pest. Thanks Scott! Permalink
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Bethany S Louisville, Kentucky | November 25 2015
Doug was fantastic! A dog whisperer! The first session fixed almost every issue I have been working on with my dog for over a year. Doug was very patient, kind, and reliable/organized. I have already told friends about the great results of Bark Busters and will continue to do so. By training people how to train their dogs, you are saving many lives. Thank you! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Separation anxiety
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Gwen P Cranford, New Jersey | November 24 2015
Keith was really great. He listened to our problems with Rookie and was able to address each one. He said at the beginning that we would see a new dog right away, and we did. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
Trainer note from Keith : Gwen was great to work with and Rookie responded well to the training. Thanks Gwen!