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Louise D Punta Gorda, Charlotte, Florida | November 08 2021
Patrick was amazing! We saw immediate results. We have struggled with behavioral issues with Ollie for 2 years and were extremely frustrated and didn't know what else to do. Patrick was able to help us in just a 2 hour lesson get results that are just amazing! He worked with our other dog as well so that all the rules are the same for both dogs. It is already better than we could have hoped. Everyone who visits us can't believe they are the same dogs because they are so well behaved! We are very excited to continue to work with him and train Ollie and us! Permalink
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Katherine G Cape Coral, Lee, Florida | October 27 2021
Patrick is a miracle worker. As he explains it, he's just communicating with Dexter, my dog, in Dexter's own language. What astounds me is how instantaneously my dog responded to the new cues and rules. It was within 20 minutes that he figured out the new doorbell etiquette (which is wild considering his old reaction when the door bell would go off). Now Dexter goes to his designated spot far away from the door when I open the front door. I initially called Patrick for help with walking on the leash when other dogs are present. We've made huge strides in the walking department which has made our daily walks so much less stressful. We've managed to completely change Dexter's response to the door bell, the pool man, USPS and even his fear/barking when people are in the pool. It's really about daily consistency and using the resources that Patrick provides. Patrick is easy to get ahold of and quick to response to emails and inquiries. It has been amazing to watch my relationship with my dog transform. I just wish I saved myself the stress and did this sooner. Absolutely worth it! Permalink
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Ed W
Ed W Fort Myers, Florida | August 23 2021
Thank you Patrick - you're amazing! We didn't know how to handle Charlie, our great Pyrenees mix, and Patrick came to the rescue. The techniques he used worked almost instantly and the expertise he showed was beyond what we could have imagined. Patrick was extremely professional and took the time to really listen to the issues we were facing. We are forever grateful! Permalink
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Nancy J Sanibel, Lee, Florida | August 15 2021
Patrick is wonderful to work with and very professional. I highly recommend him and his method is traing! Permalink
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Patty C Bonita Springs, Lee, Florida | July 30 2021
Today I had my first session with Patrick and can’t believe the difference in my dog. He is calm and walking better on leash. I am so happy I contacted Bark Busters. It was me that needed the help and I feel more confident handling him. Permalink
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Dawn H
Dawn H Fort Myers, Lee, Florida | June 05 2021
Our first session with Patrick went great! We weren’t 100% sure this was the right direction for us and Buster, but are now 100% sold! Patrick does a great job of covering the material thoroughly but also in an “entertaining “ way that makes the time fly by. We were amazed by how quickly Buster responded to things. Even after Patrick left, we could see a difference in Buster’s behavior. Last night was the first time we were able to sleep with our bedroom door open- Buster stayed completely chill all night. We look forward to the future, continuing to work on building a loving and trusting relationship with Buster! Thanks, Patrick! Permalink
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Tracy M
Tracy M Fort Myers, Lee, Florida | May 01 2021
Patrick is excellent! I learned so much during first lesson! We worked in claiming front door, walking on leash, barking and so much more. My goal is working towards the Green zone for daily living! Permalink
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Todd P Fort myers, Florida | February 22 2021
Patrick just left we are extremely impressed with today's session. Will definitely recommend him to friends Permalink
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Kaitlin L Fort Myers, Lee, Florida | February 03 2021
I highly recommend Patrick with Bark Busters above all the other trainers out there!! (and my black lab Nugget and I have worked with a TON of them!) I was amazed by how calm, patient, understanding & effective his methods were. In a word - SIMPLE. After my first hour lesson with Patrick I had more CONFIDENCE (and hope that things could change) than I ever dared dream! Every time Patrick shows us a new training exercise, he explains why it works, watches us try it out, and provides pointers. He then sends us home with a “homework handout” to help remember what to do and why. . . It literally couldn’t be any easier. But let’s be real - the only thing that matters are RESULTS and that’s exactly what we’ve been getting! I’m so relieved we finally found a great dog trainer... I only wish we had found Patrick and Bark Busters sooner!! Permalink
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Lynn S
Lynn S Cape Coral, Florida | January 31 2021
I can’t tell you how happy we are with the training we got from Patrick Logue. After just a two hour lesson, we are truly amazed at the difference in our stubborn 20-month-old dachshund. Oscar has already learned to not pull on the leash while walking, and also to not bark and rush the front door if the doorbell rings. We have been given the tools to manage and more fully enjoy our dog. Permalink
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