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Chuck F Fort Myers, Lee, Florida | May 15 2020
I'm still somewhat in shock of the transformation in my dogs with only the first visit. It's been 12 hours and still the dogs are responding as if Patrick was here in person. We have three dogs, two rescue puppies and one a couple of years older. He's shown us how to better relate with them without the usual gimmicks. We don't bribe them with treats, or shock them, or make them fear us. It's amazing and I can't say enough good things!!! Permalink
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Joe M
Joe M Fort Myers, Florida | May 11 2020
1st session with Patrick. Amazing little things you think you know but don’t really know or understand. Our puppy began his learning today and received it very well. Looking forward to his improvement over the next few weeks. Permalink
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terri L
terri L Fort Myers, Lee, Florida | May 05 2020
Patrick walked in and immediately helped me understand how to communicate with my new puppy. Everything I had tried didn't work, but with his methods and patience, we both picked up on what our roles were and what we were supposed to do. Tonight I have a lot to practice but feel I will be a much better pet owner for Sophie and she will be a much better behaved young lady. I can't thank Patrick and Bark Busters enough!! Permalink
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Jason R
Jason R Fort Myers, Florida | April 11 2020
We have a six to seven month old rescue that we acquired when he was roughly six weeks old. He was brought to our attention of be malnourished and abused. I then went and got him and myself and my girlfriend began nurturing him back to health. From day one he has been very scared and afraid to warm up to anyone especially a male. We started trying to hook a leash up to him and try to walk him which in turn triggered something very traumatic. We could not figure out what was causing this trigger. We tried and tried till we had no hope. I did some google research and found Bark Busters online and saw countless number of five start ratings on the trainer Patrick’s techniques. We decided to make the call and received all the information and made an appointment for Patrick to come to our home. When I say it was the perfect fit is an understatement. Patrick showed up at our home today and we sat and went over everything we have observed. His way of being was unbelievable. When our dog Sam Cookie showed his fear, Patrick gave the most inspiring hope we have ever seen. To watch and learn how to ease our dogs mind with no verbal or physical handling was unreal. Sam Cookie showed he was still scared but didn’t excuse the fact that he needed this. The overall experience for the first visit was undeniably amazing and much of a relief. Thank you Patrick from the bottom of our hearts for stepping in when no one else would and recognizing what needed to be done. We are forever grateful and will be calling again for your assistance. Permalink
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Trainer note from Patrick : AWESOME. You have done this dog a great service by saving his life from his horrible place of birth and I am grateful to be a small part of his and your life as we work together to tap into his amazing potential. You all did great especially towards the end when you could take the leash on and off without much disturbance. GREAT WORK TODAY! CALL ME ANYTIME!
Dave B
Dave B ESTERO, Florida | April 06 2020
My family just finished our first training session with Patrick for our 10 month old pit bull Cecil. I was astonished at what was accomplished within a couple of hours and how our dog reacted to the session and the results from my family and I beginning to "speak dog". He just gets it now. Cecil is now a well polished dog on our walks and virtually everyone that we encounter out in public stops and comments about how well behaved he is on the leash. He really is a good walker now in stark contrast to how he was previously. I really did not like walking with him as he was constantly pulling (He's a very strong puppy!), jumping on people and sniffing everything wildly. It was chaos. Now, Cecil AND his owners are in the green zone and it is SO much more pleasant! Permalink
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Tiffany G
Tiffany G Fort Myers, Florida | March 13 2020
This is my second review of Patrick Logue with Bark Busters, having posted my first review on August 27, 2019. Once again I'm struggling to put into words just how impressed I am with Patrick and his level of skill working with both dogs and people. During our session last August Patrick taught me how to properly communicate with my dog, and the results of this have been nothing short of incredible! My dog was a complete lunatic before we met Patrick, but since that day he has been understanding and listening to me (because I speak dog now) ALMOST all of the time. He has been a perfect boy EXCEPT when we would pass another dog, bicycle or person running while we were on walks. I saw a huge transformation in every other aspect of my dog's behavior but was struggling so much with this that I questioned whether my dog was even capable of remaining calm in these situations... Today Patrick came back for a second session and within TWO MINUTES (I swear no exaggeration!) he had my dog walking as though he has always been a perfect angel and I was just making up stories about him lunging and barking and seeming possessed! I must have been slurring my words in doggie language because as soon as Patrick corrected me, I was able to walk my dog calmly past kids running, a man on a bicycle and other people walking their dogs. I even recruited some neighbors to try to trigger my dog's inner maniac so that Patrick could see what I had been dealing with, but they couldn't! As long as I did what Patrick said, my dog wasn't phased by a thing! I clearly need to practice and become more fluent in speaking dog, but it was so reassuring to see that my dog CAN be unreactive in these situations as long as I "speak" clearly! I'm so excited to continue working on this, and hope we encounter some more bicycles on our walk tomorrow! Patrick's ability is one of those few things in life that seem too good to be true....but REALLY IS that good! Thank you Patrick!!! Permalink
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Bob S
Bob S Fort Myers, Florida | February 25 2020
Patrick help us to understand that what we thought was correction actually reinforced the negative behavior. We have been practicing daily and have seen Ollies adrenaline level go from a steady 6 to 7 to a 3 to 4. Ollie now looks to us for direction rather than making his own bad decissions. With more practice, we know Ollie will be happy and confident with us as his leaders. Permalink
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Mary C Cape Coral, Florida | February 15 2020
I was truly satisfied with my lesson. I knew it was me who truly needed the lesson rather than my dog and I am confident I know can convey my wants to my dog by keeping her in the green zone Permalink
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Michelle T Fort Myers, Lee, Florida | February 10 2020
Patrick continues to amaze us. He is a fantastic trainer. Making it so simple to follow. It has been a year since we started with Bark Busters and he came back for a refresher. Effective in just a few short minutes getting us back on track. More of a reminding my husband and I to talk dog and practice while in green zones. That simple. And it works! Permalink
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sandra T Fort Myers, Lee, Florida | January 31 2020
We feel with all Patrick has explained to us, we will get the results with our puppy we are looking for. He has stressed we can call him anytime we need help. We do know it will take time and we have to be consistent in our training. It has only been 2 days, and we have already seen an improvement in the leash walking! we can call Patrick anytime we need help and he will be there to help us. Our puppy did responded to Patrick's commands, now we'll work on him responding to our commands! Permalink
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