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Fort Myers | May 17 2011
Patrick, our Bark Buster trainer, made it all very clear. We saw noticeable results with both of our dogs after one, two hour lesson. Permalink
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Cape Coral | May 17 2011
The terms and techniques were definitely appreciated with the sense that training was going to be attainable. Our dogs were much more attentive and responsive to the Bark Buster techniques than other local methods or trainers. It is a pleasure training with these natural techniques, opposed to making sure there are treats handy. This is the first training experience we've had that we are eager to ring our doorbell, go for a walk and practice practical exercises that apply to the real world, not a group obedience class. Bark Busters has brought peace and sanity to our home and we are looking forward to learning and training each day. Thank you Bark Busters. Permalink
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'70 | May 10 2011
Bark Busters is simple to understand. As a former K-9 handler during Viet Nam I not only found this technique really surprise me but also excited me. No harsh handling or string arming of your pet. Communicating with your animal and training the trainer sure makes life easier for both of us. For the basics of a well trained pet, sit, stay, come, heel, etc...I am amazed at how fast my dog is learning these skills and also how excited she is to please us. Thank you. Permalink
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Fort Myers | May 10 2011
Charlie, my dog, showed huge improvement immediately after the initial 2 hour training and is improving more each day. Patrick Logue was entertaining and fun to work with. I would recommend Bark Busters because, in my case, of the extremely quick results. Permalink
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North Fort Myers | May 05 2011
I was amazed at how quickly my dogs responded to the Bark Buster method. They are on their way to being much more silent. One dog is a rescue who has had good training, but just barks a lot. With the help of Bark Busters and some practice, soon he will not. Permalink
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Fort Myers | May 05 2011
Excellent. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. Patrick Logue was great. His personality made the training fun and unintimidating. Permalink
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Cape Coral | May 05 2011
From the beginning over our first phone call and then in our home, the training techniques were explained in a way that was easy to understand. Each time we had a question or needed clarification, Patrick Logue made sure we understood the theory and the technique. We saw results before the lesson concluded. Right at the very start, once we applied the first technique. It was hard to believe how Skipper, our recent rescue, responded. I read other websites and interviewed other local trainers but wanted to use a different approach. The other ways seemed too mean and too taxing on our dog and us. Bark Busters is so easy, natural and kind. It is a fascinating approach to dog training. It is so simple, so effective. We experienced immediate results with our most annoying issue - barking. I mean within two minutes of starting to work on that issue. Patrick Logue is very confident and knew he could help us on the phone, so I thought "Bark Busters could work." What I could not believe was how easy it was! Thank you so much. Skipper was almost the perfect dog, so lovable and devoted. He just shrieked, screamed, barked at everyone who came close to our home via foot, bike, car or boat. That is now over with thanks to Bark Busters. He is now perfect. Permalink
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Cape Coral | April 23 2011
Patrick Logue with Bark Busters was AWESOME! Great trainer, very personable and easy to talk to about our dog's issues. The lesson was eye-opening and it was fun to watch our dog walk to heel and obey, especially with my husband. After one, two hour lesson our dog was much calmer. Much less barking at passer-bys and doorbells. Patrick was very knowledgeable and patient explaining the Bark Busters method. Permalink
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Cape Coral | April 20 2011
On a scale of 1 to 5, Bark Busters gets a 100! Bark Busters delivers same day results that last! I cannot believe our dog listens to us now. It is amazing what Patrick Logue and Bark Busters did. I will carry Bark Busters' card and telephone number wherever I go! My prayers were answered. Our Puggle named Spike, had us so frazzled and at our wits end, but after just one hour with Bark Busters, we can enjoy him again! Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | April 20 2011
I was convinced within 20 minutes of Patrick's arrival that Bark Busters was going to work. I would recommend Bark Busters without a doubt. The BEST investment a person can make in their family's dog. Bark Busters is quick, concise and logical. Permalink

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