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Cape Coral | January 30 2011
Patrick Logue was very well versed in the programs and also let us ask questions and voice our concerns in a helpful manner. We saw noticeable results in one, two hour lesson which was very pleasing to us because I feel we now have the knowledge and the training to be successful. We liked every aspect of the training. It was gentle, but firm and our dog seemed to take to it readily. At first I felt apprehensive about the training when we made the appointment but my fears turned into pleasure by the end. We feel we are on our way to a much happier and less stressful home. Thank you Patrick! PS - Thanks much! Permalink
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Fort Myers | January 30 2011
Patrick Logue's presentation of the Bark Busters Home Dog Training method was clear, intelligent and made perfect sense. In ALL of the types of training we have experienced in the past, Bark Busters produced the most immediate results. Max, our rescued dog with Separation Anxiety and Aggression and the dog we were least optimistic about responded the best of our three dogs. We were thrilled with the natural training techniques especially because Max was on Separation Meds which we did not care for. The lesson was interesting. To feel our own stress level reducing and to watch our dogs become less anxious was enjoyable! I already have put the word out amongst friends in the rescue community. Patrick and Bark Busters have changed our lives. We have been fearful that Max would have to be put down but Max, Leo and Dillon and us are enjoying life together. Permalink
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Fort Myers | January 23 2011
When we called Patrick we felt desperate and certain that our dog Max would be not be able to remain with us. Max was a rescue suffering from separation anxiety and canine aggression. He had already chewed through our furniture and was aggressive to our other dog Dillon. We were tense all the time and felt we were being dominated by our dogs and their behavior. Our vet prescribed anti anxiety medication for Max and it hadn't helped. We felt hopeless but Patrick's calm demeanor during our initial call convinced us to give Bark Busters a try. It is now one week since our first session and saying that the results have been dramatic and that our lives have changed would be an understatement. Our pack of three dogs are happier than they have ever been. Our family is no longer constantly on edge and our dogs are relaxed with each other and us. Thanks to Patrick and Bark Busters we have regained our life and control of our pack. Max is no longer on medication and has stopped bullying the other dogs and us. We are grateful to Bark Busters and Patrick for giving us our life and our dogs back. Bark Busters saved Max's life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Permalink
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Naples | January 18 2011
Hondo, my Sheltie, not only showed results by the end of the one, two hour lesson. He showed results within minutes! I recommend Bark Busters and Patrick Logue. Permalink
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-Watts | January 18 2011
It was painless, enjoyable experience and we already have a more relaxed, happier home. Hunter, our German Shepherd Dog, gave us noticeable results by the end of one, two hour lesson. We appreciated the Bark Busters methods of good communication and "talking dog" versus the military tech training. The Bark Buster approach is more gentle rather than "taking him down." The techniques continue to be effective as on day one. We found Patrick Logue to be very patient, knowledgeable and while Hunter was tired at the end he in no way was traumatized. We recommend Bark Busters Home Dog Training. Permalink
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Fort Myers | January 15 2011
Patrick Logue with Bark Busters of Southwest Florida was very specific and stayed on topic. We found the lesson to be interesting and enjoyable. The results we noticed at the end of one, two hour session were AMAZING! I am looking forward to more lessons with Bark Busters Home Dog Training. There is no such thing as a bad dog, only uneducated humans. My pets deserve to have the best loving and loyal human companions. I love them dearly. That is why my dogs deserve Bark Busters. Permalink
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Cape Coral | January 11 2011
Our trainer, Patrick Logue, brought an amazing calm to the training and yet didn't make us feel totally incompetent. The techniques taught by Bark Busters of Southwest Florida are actually very easy and very basic to understand. We noticed UNBELIEVABLE results by the end of one, two hour lesson. Maggie, our lab mix, was much calmer the rest of the day and the next. We were very pleased with the natural training techniques. Again, they are very basic and easy. We found the training lesson to be 100% interesting and enjoyable. Especially so because the Bark Busters method provided such instantaneous results. We recommend Bark Busters because it works! Permalink
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Fort Myers | January 11 2011
I think Bark Busters of Southwest Florida is a good value and am very impressed with the system, the approach and the way it has been packaged. To see immediate results after having been frustrated for so long is great. I like the idea of not using punishment or bribes (treats), but instead simple communication. Permalink
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Fort Myers | January 06 2011
Excellent. We recommend Bark Busters Home Dog Training of Southwest Florida and Patrick Logue. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | December 31 2010
Patrick Logue of Bark Busters of Southwest Florida did an excellent job explaining the natural, pleasing training techniques. Within one, two hour lesson, my dogs calmed down and actually listened to me. I absolutely recommend Bark Busters Home Dog Training. Permalink

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