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Bonita Springs | January 25 2010
Patrick was exceptional in explaining thoroughly the Bark Buster training technique. The results were amazing, I understand that there may be set backs, but I was very impressed. The techniques were very humane and made perfect sense. I am very stressed by the situation we are currently dealing with, but after Patrick's visit I'm feeling more hopeful. Patrick made the difference. I don't know if all your trainers are as competent, but if so...this was a wonderful experience! I am very impressed by his professionalism, knowledge and compassion. I just wish the service was not so expensive...but then again...worth every cent. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | January 16 2010
Patrick took his time to explain the natural, pleasing training techniques used by Bark Busters. He stopped frequently and asked questions to make sure we understood. After 10 minutes, Henry, our 5 month old Basset Hound, was walking by my side with no pulling. The training program is very interesting and different from any other program I have seen. I am convinced that it will be a much more enjoyable experience having our puppy since Bark Busters. Permalink
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Fort Myers | January 13 2010
My Pitbull, Steeler, loved Patrick from the moment he came in and we both loved the Bark Busters techniques. I saw noticeable results, by the end of the lesson, Steeler was not rushing the door or jumping on the couch (unless he was invited). Nothing is more natural training than the techniques used by Bark Busters. Patrick not only explained why Bark Busters teaches what they teach, but also made it easy with the demonstrations. I would recommend Bark Busters because they are well organized and I liked the training techniques. I would also recommend that everyone with a dog learn how to speak, dog with help of Bark Busters. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | January 13 2010
It works! Permalink
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Cape Coral | January 09 2010
Patrick was very educational and an asset to Bark Busters. The training techniques used by Bark Busters are natural, easy and make sense. Permalink
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Fort Myers | January 09 2010
We recommend Bark Busters. 5 Out of 5! Excellent! Permalink
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Naples | January 09 2010
Patrick was on time, very patient and helpful. We already have recommended Bark Busters! Permalink
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Sanibel | January 09 2010
The training techniques are very simple to understand. Patrick made it very easy. Huge light bulbs went off during the training presentation. It was amazing to see such a difference in my three dogs in such a short time. The natural training methods are extremely pleasing. Natural is THE only way to go! The training experience was absolutely interesting and enjoyable. Patrick is extremely talented. I recommend Bark Busters. Bark Busters is a common sense, straight forward approach. It is a simple, natural way of training us humans to better communicate as dogs. I'm so glad I called Bark Busters. Patrick makes me feel relaxed so I can provide the proper leadership my dogs deserve. Permalink
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Fort Myers Beach | January 04 2010
I was amazed how quickly and effectively the natural training exercises worked. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. They are very professional. At the end of the lesson I was left with a sense of happy, self-confidence, that "yes, I can do this!" Permalink
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Fort Myers | December 27 2009
The Bark Busters method of training is much easier than I anticipated.. Patrick explained the natural, pleasing training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understanding. We saw noticeable results by the end of one 2 hour lesson. Bark Busters is painless and easy to understand. Permalink

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