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Naples | December 16 2009
Thank You! 5 out of 5. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | December 15 2009
We are extremely impressed with how both dogs reacted after just one lesson. The training was very interesting. Both dogs responded quickly. We recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | December 06 2009
The change in our dog was immediate. The dog has actually been a pleasure! Permalink
Naples | December 01 2009
We had a dinner party last evening, and our Cavaliers, Kipper and Cameo, were so perfectly behaved, our guests remarked on it many times. Despite the entrance of five different couples, both dogs stayed clear of the entry and did not bolt out the front door. There was no barking, only happy tail wagging! They did not jump up on our guests, they remained quietly in their crate in the kitchen/family room and when invited into the dining room after dinner, sat politely in our laps. Patrick has given us a way to communicate with our dogs, and a way for them to please us. The Bark Busters program is a winner! If only Patrick could help us train them to wash dishes... Permalink
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North Fort Myers | December 01 2009
It's been one lesson and we have already recommended Bark Busters to our neighbor. The whole Bark Busters experience was pleasant, easy to follow and understand and yielded noticeable results. Permalink
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Bonita SPrings | December 01 2009
Bark Busters is a simple program that was easy to understand and made me think, "why didn't I think of that?!" I observed noticeable results by the end of the initial lesson, but Bella is a work in progress. Having experienced a trainer who used "negative training" that I did not like, the natural approach used by Bark Busters makes sense. The training was easy on me and my dog and was a positive experience! Permalink
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Naples | November 27 2009
Excellent! 5 out of 5. We recommend Bark Busters. Our Maltese would bark and jump when people came over to our home, but that was before Bark Busters. We saw immediate results and were pleased with the natural training techniques. Patrick explained the training in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Permalink
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Fort Myers | November 25 2009
I wish I had called sooner. It has only been a few days since the initial lesson, but there is noticeable improvement in our quality of life with our pet. Patrick took the time to explain and answer our questions and was understanding. Some training progress was immediate. I am very impressed. There is less barking already! The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters are quite new, unique and easy. The training presentation showed us all the things we didn't know. Patrick provided insightful positive and at times, humorous training. He uncovered some glaring mistakes in how we taught our dog. Bark Busters works and is quick! Permalink
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Naples | November 25 2009
Patrick (Bark Busters) was terrific! In just 2 hours we have already seen vast improvement in obedience, nipping, coming and toilet training. We are extremely pleased! Permalink
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Cape Coral | November 17 2009
Patrick explained the pleasing, natural training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I saw noticeable results with my little Max, a toy poodle, by the end of the first lesson. The Pet Loo product Patrick recommended to me is great too! I recommend Bark Busters. Permalink

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