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Monika G Raleigh, North Carolina | October 09 2015
I would reduce the flip chart session; I had already read up on the program on line. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Pulling
Trainer note from Sonja : Agreed, our flip chart has a lot of pages, however, many people do not go on line to read up on our program. Many times owners yawn half way through the chart because there is so much useful information and they are getting information overload. But its all good once we start training and all the explanations from the flip chart are used during training sessions.
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Teresa U Raleigh, North Carolina | October 03 2015
I appreciate Mrs. Warner coming to the Wake County Animal Shelter to help him, otherwise he would have been killed. Some treats may help him learn faster. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Other, Puppy management
Trainer note from Sonja : Buddy/Daddy is an adult male pit bull who was left in a back yard chained up, no shelter, barely any food or water. He had never received any training and therefore learning basic commands were not possible yet. I had to take a step back and start earning his trust first. He walked well on a leash, let me look in his mouth and ears, and had no problem being touched anywhere on his body including his feet and hind end. Great dog.
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Sarah T Raleigh, North Carolina | April 30 2014
It was great seeing the dog change and practice was wonderful. I love that you don't use physical punishment and it works! Sonja listened to what our goals were and she helped my son learn how to stop bad behavior outside. It was the best thing we have ever done. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling
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Wake Forest | February 20 2012
The techniques were very easy to follow and really seemed to work during the first training appointment and we were surprised how well they worked without having to use treats to encourage good behavior. We were amazed at how well the "BAH" sound worked and also the methods for training outside. Overall, we are very pleased with the Bark Busters. Sonja was great to work with and provided us some wonderful techniques that work well. Permalink
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Raleigh | February 20 2012
Loved the training experience; Sonja has a great personality for this type of work and she is very patient and knowledgeable. Response to commands was better right away and less stressful for me and Molly. This training is an important part of my relationship with my dog Molly. I have already recommended Sonja to friends and neighbors! Permalink
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Youngsville | September 30 2011
Sonja is great fun & enthusiastic. She offered help anytime we need it and has called to follow up. The program makes sense and with commitment the training is enjoyable. I also like not having to carry a bag of supplies. Sonja addressed our dog's nipping and attention seeking behavior. Permalink
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Raleigh | September 30 2011
Sonja gave great ideas and techniques to use on our very stubborn Bulldog pup! She is a wonderful person who cares a great deal about animals and we look forward to future visits. Permalink
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Durham | June 19 2011
Sonja is very patient, never seems rushed and stays as long as needed. We started Bark Busters as soon as we got our rescue dog, and the training we received made a huge, positive, immediate impact on our canine/human relationship. We have enjoyed our dog so much that we adopted a second "rescue" dog two weeks later and immediately enrolled him in Bark Busters. Many thanks! Permalink
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Raleigh | June 19 2011
A+ all the way around. Thrilled all the way around with the ease of training and problem resolution. I noticed results on the first visit! Permalink
Zebulon | June 19 2011
Our therapist was highly informative, very professional, and extremely patient concerning our the training of our five miniature pinschers. The natural techniques are working very well and we look forward to our next session! Permalink

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