Vicky Harper dog training reviews

Vicky Harper

Vicky Harper

January 13 2008
Very informative. Vicky helped our family feel more confident in training Buehrle....Read More


January 07 2008
Vicky was super great with our dogs. I think they want her to come every day!!...Read More

Tinley Park

January 03 2008
Vicky was very informative and made sure that I was comfortable before she left. She made sure that I was ready to train Bandit and answered all of my questions thoroughly. Thanks!...Read More

Chicago Ridge

December 17 2007
Easy to understand and didn't do any harsh punishments (very, very great); already listening to commands. Felt at home like training with friends. In just one training session, I felt like I had great tools to help me with my problems. I enjoyed every minute of the training. Very fun and interactive; liked being at home in comfortable environment....Read More

Oak Forest

November 04 2007
I learned a lot of great techniques that are humane and easy to teach....Read More


October 18 2007
We saw an immediate improvement using the Bark Busters techniques. We strongly recommend it to others....Read More


October 02 2007
Vicky explained everything wonderfully and answered any questions I had!...Read More


October 02 2007
She is nice and explained everything -- easy to understand and get!...Read More

Tinley Park

August 26 2007
I would tell every dog owner I know!...Read More


August 13 2007
Jim Unton and Vicky Harper spent 90 minutes in my home and transformed my Labrador! From the minute they entered the house, they were educating me and helping me to understand "how my dog thinks." I believe that the Bark Busters approach to training is so successful because it involves the trainer as much as the pet. They are terrific folks who understand and love animals and it shows. My family was amazed at the difference in my dog, Clover. She used to charge the door and jump up on everyone but now she can greet people by sitting sweetly and wagging her tail as they pet her on the head. I don't even have to raise my voice with her anymore. The magical "green bag" in my hand is all she needs to see and she calms down instantly. This is the best training around!...Read More

Tinley Park

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