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  • Laura H.
    10 years ago — East Louisville, Kentucky

    I loved working with Doug Rountree. He was so patient and helpful. Russ has continued to make progress; love this program!

  • Judy M.
    10 years ago — East Louisville, Kentucky

    Prior to our training we feared having to give our dog back to the rescue. After just one session we had a new dog! Zoe listened to us because we had learned how to communicate with her. We are very thankful, as Doug made the process easy and tailored it to Zoe's individual needs.

    • #Aggression
    • #Pulling
  • Michelle H.
    10 years ago — East Louisville, Kentucky

    We had Doug train our golden doodle, Jackson, and our experience was
    amazing. Thank you so much for your help with Jackson. It has been less
    than a week since our final session and I think our pup no longer has
    separation anxiety! He is doing fabulous and is starting to love his crate
    instead of destroying it. Training was great and well worth every minute and
    dime! Thanks again!

    • #Hyperactivity
    • #Jumping up
    • #Separation anxiety
  • Liz W.
    10 years ago — Louisville, KY

    I am truly thrilled with the training! Doug is incredible! My puppy is 100% more manageable after just one session!

    • #Pulling
    • #Puppy management
  • Emma R.
    10 years ago — Louisville, KY

    My puppy immediately stopped using the house for a toilet. She is enjoyable to be around now. And this only after the first session!

    • #Puppy management
    • #Toileting
  • Siera D.
    10 years ago — Louisville, KY

    Burkely was a different dog after the first session. It is so simple but extremely effective. The first lesson was hard because it was about setting boundaries but I looked forward to my dog learning fun things. The training was very personalized, organized, and I was comfortable with Doug.

  • Karen B.
    10 years ago — Louisville, KY

    Doug Rountree is a dog whisperer. He is a natural with training dogs and teaching their owners to be successful trainers. I never thought I would see results so quickly. I highly recommend him to dog owners with dogs of any age!

  • Laura M.
    10 years ago — Louisville, KY

    Abby was a changed dog after just a couple of minutes. By the end of the first day I couldn't be happier. Doug made it very easy to understand and definitely worth the investment.

  • Anonymous
    11 years ago — Louisville, KY

    We could not believe how quickly our dogs responded to the training techniques! They stopped barking at guests and rushing toward the front door the first time Doug walked us through the exercise. And they are heeling like pros! Doug is very professional and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend Doug Roundtree and Bark Busters!

  • Anonymous
    12 years ago — East Louisville, Kentucky

    Photo of Doug was amazing! The difference in my dog was night and day in a single lesson! Thank you so much!!