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Felicia P Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada | April 06 2022
I learned of Bark Busters through my mom who had adopted a Chihuahua about a year ago. I was impressed at how much Buddy improved through Lisette's training and the tools she gave my mom. But then there's my dog. I rescued little Justice (also a Chi) in September 2018. He had been brutally attacked -probably by another dog- and was rescued from a high kill shelter in San Bernardino. For six weeks he was in foster care healing from his serious wounds. Due to his trauma I didn't want to enforce any rules. I didn't want to hurt him by pulling on the leash or really dominate him in any way. You can imagine where this is going... So nearly four years later my dog has developed an OCD behavior where he literally eats anything--indoors or outdoors--roams about the apartment appearing stressed or starving, and all of this making so much anxiety for me. We have had too many emergency vet visits to count. Close calls where he has eaten sego palm, etc. About a month ago I couldn't take anymore. My vet here in LA where I live said there was nothing I could do. This is just how Justice will always be. Totally in despair, I asked my mother if I could get in contact with Lisette. I figured maybe if he got training it would help a little. I didn't have much hope but thought it would be a last ditch effort. Well, upon my first appointment with Lisette, she assured me the numerous muzzles I had bought for Justice would not be necessary. She said by ME being a leader, this would completely change the dynamic between Justice and I. She listed a few different reasons why he has been eating everything, 1) his diet, 2) my lack of leadership and therefore his insecurity, and 3) trauma from before. We dove into the training! Wow. I'll be honest it was really hard at first. I was really scared I would hurt him. I was also pretty uncertain this was going to work. Literally from the first time she walked him outside and then taught me how to walk him with the Bark Busters harness, the behavior stopped. Stopped! Here's the thing: you have to do the work. You have to be consistent. But Lisette is amazing. She breaks everything down, supplies you with everything you need (videos, harness, accessories), and is very accessible/communicative. This program has changed my dog and I am thrilled. My stress level is down, Justice's stress level is down. It is all around amazing. I realize this is a long review but it is for a good reason. Please do yourself a favor: if your dog is having behavioral issues--or even if they aren't yet--learn how to take care of them well. That is what they deserve. It isn't true that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, you can. I was probably the one who was more unteachable lol. But in the end this training is helping my dog and me so much. This is two thumbs and four paws up--way up--for Lisette and Bark Busters! Don't wait, book with them now. Thank you! Permalink
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Maria A
Maria A Las Vegas, Nevada | November 20 2021
Lissette and Derek have been THE reason our pup has made improvements in behavior, nutrition and sleep. As brand new dog owners, we had no clue what we were doing. At the first visit we developed a plan of what we wanted to work on and learned skills that same day. Not only do they make the time to come to our home when needed, they are available for (sometimes) daily texting of questions, updates or clarifications, and actually encourage the communication. One of the most important things they taught us in the process is that progress is 100% based on our commitment to doing the work. When we don't do our homework or are not consistent, it shows in his behavior. Then they come back and get us back on the right path again. This definitely an investment in our pup and it isn't cheap. Sometimes you get what you pay for, in the case of Bark Busters, you get so much more. They are worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Your dog will thank you! Permalink
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Jaimie S San Diego, California | July 28 2021
I gave Bark Busters 5 stars! They are very knowledgeable and helpful with any issues you may have with your dog. They always arrive on time and are very professional. They have come to my home twice and already my dogs are doing extremely well. Lissette has a wonderful attitude and is always available anytime we have needed her. I'm very pleased with Bark Busters. I highly recommend this company. I wouldn't go to anyone else! Thank you Bark Busters! Permalink
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Lissa B Henderson, Nevada | June 10 2021
My dog responded immediately to this training! I got lots of great info from behavioral help to nutritional help. I loved that they are going to partner with me and help me for the life of my dog! Permalink
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Mariangel C Henderson, Nevada | May 30 2021
I had a wonderful experience with Bark Buster Vegas. Lissette is AWESOME! From the beginning, she was very professional, kind, respectful and helpful. My sweet Toby, a yorkshire terrier, is very shy and has issues with new places and people. After been in training with Lissette and put in practice everything she told me, I noticed the difference almost immediately. He has shown great improvement. My Toby and I are very blessed to find someone like Lissette that really loves dogs and what she does. THANK YOU, LISSETTE! Permalink
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Destiny C
Destiny C Las Vegas, Nevada | February 17 2021
We absolutely love Bark Busters. We own a Siberian Husky, Nova is her name, and it's been hard so far but with Derek's help we have made so much progress. Super grateful for the help it has been so stressful! Thank you!! Permalink
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Angela M
Angela M Portland, Oregon | November 11 2020
11/11/2020 I contacted Bark Busters over a year ago and it's hands down the best investment I've made for my dogs. Tonight, I had Lisette return to help me with door control and teaching my dogs to be respectful of visitors. By the end of our session I felt much more prepared and in control. The support and follow through that Bark Busters offers and the knowledge of both Lisette and Derek have been paramount to increasing the peace in our home and the bond with our pups. Thank You! 4/23/2019 I have a Frenchie named Mazie and a YorkiePoo named Bradley. Mazie is about 16 months old and has been with me since she was 8 weeks old. Until working with Lissette, Mazie ran the roost. She wasn't unruly or horrible, she just didn't want to be told what to do. Frenchie's are known to be stubborn. Thanks to Lissette's guidance, we are working toward Mazie knowing better. Leash pulling and jumping on guests are her weaknesses. Bradley is about 7 months old and we adopted him about a month ago. He has the sweetest personality and is very eager to learn and to please. His weakness is marking territory and resource guarding. I absolutely love that Bark Busters does not use a clicker or treats in their training methods. Everything has been easy to learn, and I have noticed that as long as I remain consistent, the pups are behaving better each day. THAT IS THE KEY: remain consistent and put in the work. As with parenting, our pets will become a product of what we teach, or do not teach them. Lissette has also shared information on better diet, supplements, and a holistic approach to the care of my dogs. I am looking forward to more sessions to continue increasing the lovability of my fur babies. This is a true investment in the long-term health and happiness of them. THANK YOU! Permalink
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Kalise M
Kalise M Henderson, Nevada | July 15 2020
My husband and I recently adopted a pure bread American Staffordshire Pitbull. We had no clue how to train him due to society stigmatizing the Pitbull as a dangerous animal to have if you're new to bigger breads. We also have two smaller dogs in the home and we wanted to find someone who is skilled to work with not only one but multiple animals and breeds. After a year of struggling to find a trustworthy & comfortable trainer we found Lissette & Derek! Our first visit was very active and fun. My husband & I were involved and taught with no judgement. She made us feel normal for speaking to our dogs and how she trained them. After the first week our dogs showed massive improvement. Being able to contact her with questions, concerns and food recommendations at any time is very convenient. When Derek came to meet us he was super nice and also made us feel like we were doing well and learning. He taught us more ways to walk our baby without being pulled or hurting ourselves. He understood our needs and our dogs needs which made us comfortable with him. A big bonus is they both are very knowledgeable, professional, educated and can carry on an everyday conversation. If you're worried about judgment and need help with your habits with your dog(s) or simply need help training your pup, these two will definitely be the best choice. I am happy I have them for a lifetime. Thank you Lissette and Derek. Permalink
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Matt F Boulder City, Nevada | June 04 2020
Couldn't be happier with Derek and Lissette! My two dogs are already well trained and obedient after ONE visit! Even better after the second Permalink
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Keith L
Keith L Henderson, Nevada | March 09 2020
Hello folks! Let's talk about one of my loves in life. FUR BABIES!!! I LOVE THEM!!! Me and my wifey have 4 beautiful pitbulls. So we have been having issues with all of our babies. Issues are: separation anxiety, alpha dog rivalry, not listening, tugging while walking etc. We paid for training prior to this and weren't too pleased with the prior training. We just didn't do it for a long while and my babies just started running the household which is my own fault. We talked about training and searched many different ones and read countless reviews and landed on Bark Busters. They were up front about training and pricing which I expect from a professional business. There were no gimmicks and they were very professional. They were able to come earlier than anticipated which is AWESOME. They are a husband and wife team. We worked with both but the wife came for the in house training. She spent quite a few hours working with us and our babies as well as giving a lot of nutritional advice which I believe is just as important. Food affects every animal, humans included. She was very professional and patient. I felt no rush at all from her. She wasn't worried about how long it would take. We did everything. All our issues were met and we continue to update them and do get a response. They gave us daily homework to do with them. It is work but it has made things better already. Do understand that these beautiful creatures are just like children and you have to work with them. Training dogs are done by you. They will support you, give you all the tools and show you what you need to do. You have to do the work. They gave us collars, bag tosses for cages and introduced us to their network of different services and people. Think we got a dog sitter out of it too. They will come back whenever we need them and will even work with us out in town. GREAT JOB BARK BUSTERS!!! Permalink
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